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Xieyang Island

Location of Xieyang Island


Xieyang Island is a small island no more than 2 squ kilometers, located 9 sea miles (about 10 miles) away from Weizhou Island. While standing on this island, people could see the panorama of the sun slanting and shining, hence the name Xieyang (slanting sun) Island.

Meanwhile, on this island, people could see the marvelous spectacle of marine eroded and accumulated physiognomy, also the  abundant vegetation, such as the Masson Pine and Taiwan Acacia etc. The people on this island is really honesr and they live in a simple but happy life. As they living on the fish, there is no vegetable market on the island. Besides, if there are fish left, they just put them in the sea water from the bank with no worry someone would steal them.


Xieyang Island Notes

1.Admission fee: Free
2.Transportation: Take Bus, Taxi to there, then take yacht or fishing boat to the Weizhou Island.
3.Best time to visit: April-November

Xieyang Island Remark

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