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Badachu Park

Location of Badachu Park


Badachu suggests Eight Great Sites, and refers to the eight Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered across hills at the foot of Beijing's Western Hills Scenic space. There are a complete of eight former Buddhist temples and monasteries in Badachu Park. These are the Temple of Divine Light, the Temple of Great Mercy, Temple of Fragrant World, Dragon Spring Nunnery, the Cave of Precious Pearl, Three-hill Nunnery, the Temple of Eternal Peace and Zhengguo Temple. Located along the outskirts of Beijing, it absolutely was restored throughout the 1980's and has since become a famous tourist destination.


Features of Badachu Park


 Three sites in Badachu Park are most ought to have a visit. Lingguang Temple is known for stupa that stands majestically, the golden fish pond where the gorgeous brocade carps swim delightedly, the center sutra wall and arhats wall gift splendid sight. Xiangjie Temple, that is neatly laid out, have 2 steles inscribed the writings by the emperors Kangxi, Qianlong and Jiaqing.

Badachu Park is a beautiful place to go to all year spherical. It’s a pleasing temperate climate, remaining cool in summer and heat in winter. Guests will stroll from one temple to a different, enjoying the gorgeous scenery and admiring the arbor and rare ancient trees. a number of these trees are standing for over vi centuries, however their roots and branches are still robust and in good condition. In September and October, when the leaves are turning red, crowds of tourists return to climb the mountains. You will additionally take a cable-car to the highest of the hill and feast your eyes on the gorgeous read from the mountain peak.


Badachu Park Notes

1.Admission Fees
Entrance: CNY10 per person
Glideway Fee: CNY30 per person
Cable Car Fee: CNY50 per person
Slide way Fee: CNY50 per person
Combined Ticket of Cable Car and Sildeway: CNY80 per person

2.Opening Hours
06:00 to 20:00 (April 16 to August 31)
06:00 to 19:30 (September 1 to November 15)
06:00 to 19:00 (November 16 to the next April 15)

3.Bus Route
Take bus no. 311, 347, 389, 958 or 972 and get off at Badachu or Badachu Middle School Station.

Take Subway Line 1 to Pingguoyuan Station and get out from northeast exit. Find the Pingguoyuan Ditie Beimen Bus Stop of 972 to Badachu Station.