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Beihai Park

Location of Beihai Park


The Beihai park in the hub of Beijing covers an area of more than 70 hectares with a water surface of 39 hectares. To its north is Shishahai Lake and to its east is Jingshan Park. The Palace Museum is to its southeast, a short distance.


Features of Beihai Park


The imperial court of the Liao Dynasty is an interim palace on the site of current Beihai Park in the 10th century. During the following Jin Dynasty a lake was dug. The excavated earth was accrued to make a hill. Around the lake and on the hill grand halls, pavilions , hallways were standing. The imperial court of the Yuan Dynasty that came after the Jin expanded Jionghua Islet in the lake and made it the center of its capital Dadu City. During the Ming Dynasty five pavilions linked with zigzag bridges were structured in the northwestern part of the lake. During the time of Emperor Qian Long (1736-1796) a wholesale engineering was carried on more than 30 years, making the palace a magnificent imperial taman.

Beihai Park consists of Jionghua Islet ,Tuancheng, Northwestern Shore Scenic Area and Eastern Shore Scenic Area, and Jionghua Islet is the center. The small island links with other parts by ferry boats and a stone bridge.