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Beijing 798 Art Zone

Beijing 798 Art Zone, named after the 798 Factory that was built in 1950s, is found within the northeast corner of Beijing. The art zone covers an area of 0.6 square kilometer, with Jiuxianqiao Road to its west, Beijing-Baotou railway to its east, Jiangtai Road to its south and Jiuxianqiao Road North to its north. Beijing 798 Art Zone, characterized by fashionable art, has become the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art, and additionally the world- famous cultural and artistic industries centralized area.

Now Beijing 798 Art Zone has attracted a good deal of attention from the media at home and abroad; and it additionally has become the new regional mark of Beijing. Galleries, art exhibition areas, style studios, artists' studios, restaurants, trendy outlets, bars and so on currently assemble here. Nowadays, Beijing 798 Art Zone frequently holds necessary international art exhibitions and art activities still as fashion show. So as to expand the name and influence of the art zone and to push the event of the trendy art, the zone has held the Beijing 798 Art pageant each year since 2006. Another one is that the Beijing 798 Inventive Art Festival. The 2 festivals concentrate on exhibition and communication of culture and art. By January 2008, over four hundred cultural organizations, coming back from France, Britain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Australia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Hong Kong and alternative countries and regions, have settled down within the art zone of Beijing.

Interesting Places

798 Photo Galleries
Most of the photos are developed by the owner Chen Guangjun himself. Photos exhibited in the gallery of Beijing 798 Art Zone are exhausting to examine at alternative places.

Italian atmosphere is featured at this café. The owner Huang Rui believes that his atmosphere is far higher than Starbucks'. Pizza and sandwiches also are smart selections. It is a well-known places in the 798 Art Zone of Beijing.

Lord of Salt
This restaurant is understood for its authentic Sichuan dishes. The chef comes from Sichuan Province, and his cuisine has an authentic Sichuan flavor. Spiced chicken with a beautiful style is his specialty after experiencing the art show and exhibitions in the art gallery in Beijing.

798 Space
798 Space mainly provides venues for press conferences, fashion shows and alternative activities. One factor that has to be mentioned here is that since the buildings of 798 Art Zone follow the Bauhaus vogue, the roofs of the buildings are curved serrated, which is even rare to examine in Germany.

Long March Cultural Communication Centre
The owner is Lu Jie, a famous modern artist. Art exhibitions here also will arouse your interest. Paper-cuts done by Gao Fenglian, a folklore artist, cowl all the walls. In this centre, you'll be able to see the record of one of his early events within which he led a bunch of artists following the Long March route and communicating with the native artists.

It is the most effective but very little family-style restaurant in Beijing 798 Art Zone. The French owner Vincent, who began to learn cooking and management at the age of fifteen in France, used to be the chief manager in a famous French restaurant in Beijing. He is smart at creating sweet and savory pancakes. You’ll be able to opt for meat and vegetable filling or ice cream and fruit filling. SHOOTER is additionally his spectacular creation.


Beijing 798 Art Zone Notes

Travel Tips:
1. The Art Zone provides guide service.
2. The Zone is poorly lit when night falls.
3. Taxis are not allowed to drive into the Zone.
4. It will take more than twenty minutes to walk around the Art Zone.
Take Subway Line 10 and alight at Sanyuanqiao Station. Leave from Exit C and find the Sanyuanqiao Bus Stop. Get on Bus 41 and off at Dashanzi Lukou Nan Station.
Bus Route:
Take Bus No. 401, 402, 405, 445, 909, 955, 973, 988, or 991 to Dashanzi Road Crossing South or Wangyefen Stop.