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Beijing Diabolo Museum

Constructions of Beijng Diabolo Museum


A diabolo, or called Chinese Yoyo, is a juggling folk toy made of wood and bamboo. Some diabolos can be spined on a single string at the some time, and all manner of skills are possible in using the sticks and strings. Diabolo spinning is closely related to the daily exercise, festive celebrations and amusement of old Beijing. Diabolo spinning has been listed as one of China’s non-material heritages. Conventional diabolos are generally hand-made, and the detailed process goes through about 17 procedures. Beijing Diabolo Museum displays the process of making a diabalo.


Museum Overview

Beijing Diabolo Museum is situated in a classical courtyard house in the Hutong. Boasting more than 400 diabolos, the museum consists of 3 halls, showing the advance of diabolos in the field of history, skills and playing tricks.

You can watch the making process of a diabolo, or even can make a diabolo together with a diabolo master. At the small square outside the courtyard, diabolo spinning masters and fans gather sometimes to teach the skills of diabolo spinning.


Beijing Diabolo Museum Notes

1.Location: 9 Xiaoxing Hutong, near Baoguo Temple, Xuanwu District, Beijing city. 
2.Open time: from 09:00 to 16:30 (Tuesday - Sunday)