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Beijing Folklore Museum


The Beijing Folklore Museum is found within the original Dongyue Taoist Temple, which was firstly built in 1319. The museum is organized in 3 main courtyards, holding several collections of statues, inscriptions, stone tablets, couplets and steles.


Features of Beijing Folklore Museum

The museum is the solely folklore museum in Beijing, and besides exhibiting folklore things all year, it attracts varied native folks by holding abundant folklore activities throughout ancient holidays, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival. You may get a sense of what the Taoist supernatural world is like by observing the statues. Every department of the supernatural world is depicted in an exceedingly series of statues among an outline of its role and purpose, that makes some fascinating reading. Furthermore, you'll leave a little giving within the assortment box or suspend a fortune card, if you would like to appease the gods and build a wish.

The folklore museum could be a wonderful place to visit, whether or not you're once a slice of tranquility or have an interest in ancient Chinese mythology.


Beijing Folklore Museum Notes

1.Opening Hours: 09:00 – 16:30 (closed on Mondays)
2.Address: 141, Chaowai Avenue, Chaoyang District
3.Transportation: Subway Line 2, Chaoyangmen Station, Exit A, walk another 5 minutes in eastern direction along the avenue.