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  • Beijing Nightlife

  • Beijing nightlife is very colorful and has more to offer than you expected actually. If you are young and energetic, the disco or live jazz will be the best choice; If you like to know more about old Beijing, the teahouses or teahouses’ performance will be the best choice; If you travel with kids and want to give him/her a wonderful and a unique night, enjoying Kung Fu show will be the best choice; If you want to explore deeper of Beijing’s food culture, Wangfujing Snack bars will be the best choice.


    • 1.Bars

    The most popular bar areas with massive nightclubs and bars are Sanlitun, Chaoyang Park, Houhai, Wudaokou, Worker'd Stadium, Nurenjie ( Ladies's Street ), The Yuan Dynasty Wall Bar Street etc.

    (1) LATINOS
    It is a club of Salsa. You can enjoy the unique Cocktail, the hottest ardor and the different taste of salsa.
    Address: Bar Street, West side, Chaoyang Park South Gate
    Tel: 010-65079898

    (2) Big Easy
    Add: East Side, Chaoyang Park South Gate, Chaoyang, District
    Tel: 010-65086776

    (3) Sanlitun Bar Street
    wiht 40% Beijing Bars here

    (4) NO.52
    DJ, Hip Hop, R&B.
    Address: 52, Sanlitun Street, Chaoyang District
    Tel: 010-64164697

    (5) Inner-affair
    Address: 1st floor, Qiankun Mansion, No.6, Salitun, Chaoyang District
    Tel: 010-84540899


    • 2.Opera Buildings and Theatres

    Beijing Opera is enjoyed all over China featuring athletic gymnastic feats and warrior arts
    (1) Huguang Huiguan Ancient Opera Building
    Address: 3 Hufang Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing
    Tel: 63529134
    Time: 9: 00---19: 00 closed on Monday

    (2) Liyuan Theatre
    Address: 1/F Qianmen Hotel, Yongan Road, Hufangqiao, Xuanwu District, Beijing
    Tel: 63540841

    (3) Chang'an Grand Theatre
    Address: In the Guanghua Chang an piazza, East Chang an Avenue

    (4) Zhengyici Theatre
    Address: 220 Xiheyan Street
    Tel: 63036233

    (5) Chaoyang Theatre
    Address: 36, North Road, East 3rd Ring
    Tel: 65071818

    (6) Cultural City of Beijing Theater
    Cultural City of Beijing is the only dinner theater in Beijing mainly concentrated on Chinese traditional performing arts, which has become a window to spread our traditional culture abroad. Every evening, a luxurious artistic performance will be presented in this delicately decorated theatre that you will hardly resist.

    Address: 1, Dayabao Hutong, Dongcheng District
    Time: Mon-Sat, 6:30
    Tel: 010-51233866


    • 3.Kung Fu Show


    Kung Fu in China has a history of several thousand years, and regarded as a high crystallization of human wisdom. Shaolin Kung Fu, one kinds of the wushu, has mysterious and subtle skills with a profound connotation of China’s culture and philosophy.

    Hong Ju Chang (Red Theater)
    Address: 44, Xinfu Street, Worker’s cultural Palace, Chongwen District
    Tel: 51652145


    • 4. Teahouses

    Teahouse in Beijing is a meeting place for local residents, artists, philosophers and the melting pot of ideas, debates and revelations since ancient China.
    Laoshe Teahouse
    Add: 3, Zhengyang Market, West Street, Qianmen, Xuanwu District
    Tel: 010-63036830