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Mutianyu Great Wall Tour

A little far away from the Beijing, less crowded than other popular Great Wall sections, such as Badaling Great Wall. There are 20 towers on the Mutianyu Great Wall snaking the ridge for about 3000 meters. There are two cable cars that will take you to the of the wall and back down again. The wall is fully restored, and has hand rails to protect you!

Badaling Great Wall Tour

Well preserved Ming Dynasty Great Wall with original appearance, one of the most gorgeous and magnificent part of the Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall is crowded by tourists all the time, especially in weekends and holidays. The left side is steeper and less crowded and the right side is longer and easier to climb. Climbing to the top at the little fortresses could get very slow as people stop in the entrances to take pictures or just hang out.

Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

Located about 150km from downtown Beijing, Jinshanling Great Wall is the most preserved section of the Great Wall. It is one of the most challenging part of the Great Wall for hiking (ruined, preserved and original). Besides, it does not attract tourist hordes. The walk takes about 2-3 hours depending on fitness levels. one way up Cable car takes you up the mountain(optional).

Juyongguan Great Wall Tour

Juyongguan Pass was planned by General Xuda and completed in the first year of the reign of the Emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall around the Pass extends over 4 Km snaking the ridge of the mountains forming the valley. It is a long steep climb over steps of unequal tread height, and it's not a wide wall so passing is at times difficult. Besides, you can find the double entrapment of the construction in this tight valley.

Gubeikou Great Wall Tour

Situated between Shanhaiguan Pass and Juyongguan Pass, and about 100 kilometers (62 miles) to Beijing, Gubeikou Great Wall is mainly composed of Panlonshan Great Wall and Wohushan Great Wall.There are 14 beacon towers, 143 watch towers, 16 strategic pass, three citadels and many other military constructions. Many of them are famous cultural relics, such as the Big Flower Beacon Tower of the Northern Qi Dynasty, Fairy Tower, General Tower, and the dominant Wangjing Tower.

Simatai Great Wall Tour

Simatai Great Wall was built in Ming Dynasty. It is about 120km from Beijing and 5km long. Jinshanling Great Wall is in the west of it. There are 16 beacon towers in the east part of Simatai Great Wall and 18 beacon towers in the west part of it. Tourists now enjoy it's original appearance.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall Tour

The 10800m Great Wall is about 65km from Beijing City which located in Huairou District. It is an informal section of Great Wall and being greeted with increasing approval among hikers. Mountains and lakes are along Huanghuacheng Great Wall resort. The Wall is surrounded by a sea of yellow wild flowers when summer comes.

Ruined Badaling Great Wall Tour

The ruined Badaling Great Wall is the west gate of Badaling Great Wall and 10km apart from Badaling Great Wall. Lofty mountains, high ranges and danger gullies are all preserved original. It's not a easy climbed resort and you'd better prepare casual wear.

Yunmengshan Great Wall Tour

Yunmengshan Great Wall is 90km from Beijing city. It borders Miyun Artificial Lake in the east, Mt. Yunmeng in the west. The Wall was constructed under a famouse general in Ming Dynasty named Qi Jiguang. It is called 'Mt. Yellow in the north' as the Wall is Often hidden in a cloud of steam.

Xiangshuihu Great Wall Tour

Xiangshuihu is in the west of Mutianyu Great Wall. It is 28km from Beijing. The Wall is among with gurgling lake, mountains, ancient caves and waterfalls. It is so precipitous that only 5 beacon towers in the 1000m long Wall. The resort show varies features by seasons.

Luanling Great Wall Tour

Dazhenyu is called ' horns of the bull' by the local peaple as there are three Sharp turn. It may be the most steep one among all the Great Walls. Luanling Great Wall is one of the three which located in the west of Xiangshuihu Great Wall. The west section is so dangerous that it is forbidden for tourism. A better view of the west section if you reach the east.

Zhuangdaokou Great Wall Tour

Zhuangdaokou Great Wall Pass is also called "Zhenluguan". It's 500m apart from north of Jiuduhe Town Huairou District. There two stone plaques at gate on both sides, north and south. The south one read "Zhuangdaokou" and the north one read "Zhenluguan". It was said the invaders were scared by sonic boom from the all over mountains' pine trees as they mistook the noise was from army.

Xiaoxihu Great Wall Tour

Xiaoxihu Great Wall is the extended of Huanghuacheng Great Wall. It's only 70km between Xiaoxihu Great Wall and Asian Sports Village. The Wall is an unique resort as human landscape is an part of it besides it surounded by mountains and water, say natural landscape.

Jiangjunguan Great Wall Tour

Jiangjunguan is the eastern furthest part of the Great Wall in Beijing, built 600 years ago during the Ming Dynasty.There are 3 floors gateway platform in the enemy tower. Nowadays, only the foundation bed of gateway platform still exist. As the No.3 pass of the Great Wall of China, You can come to view the splendid countryside scenery there.

Bolitai Great Wall Tour

The Bolitai Great Wall is in Bolitai Village, it is quite different from other great walls in China. The Great Wall here is made of slabs and stones, not bricks made in kilns. So hiking the Bolitai Great Wall is quite challenging but exciting.

Changyucheng Great Wall Tour

Changyucheng Great Wall is the highest Great Wall in Beijing, you can see the highest roundness watch tower from the Great wall, which has an altitude of 1460 meters. Changyucheng Village at Changyucheng Great Wall is an ancient village which keeps the original village style and features.