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Beijing Xian Tour by Flight

Beijing amd Xian, the two most historically significant cities, have the most world heritages in China. Love to be awed by the entombed Terracotta Warriors? or the dragon-like Great Wall? These two cities are the paradise for culture and history enthusiast. Beijing is only one and half hours away from Xian by flight, which means it could save you plenty of time and give you comfortable experience on the way.

Beijing Xian Tour by Train

To tour these two amazing cities by train is not a bad idea to save money and enjoy the views on the train. We offer soft sleepers, which have four-be cabin and two-bed cabin. The two-bed cabin has a private washing room while the people in the four-cabin use the public. However, all the cabin have small TV, Free hot water.

Beijing Xian Tour with Flight and Train

The ways connected Beijing and Xian are really convenient. If you want to save time, the flight is the best choice, which only takes 1.5 hours from Beijing to Xian. If you want to meet some real Chinese people on the way, 4-bed cabin on the train will be nice to know each other. You might find some guys talking in English and give you more about China. It takes 13 hours by overnight T or Z train from Beijing to Xian, while the Bullet train only needs 9 hours.

Beijing Xian Extended Tour

In addition to Beijing and Xian, there are some important destinations between them, such as Datong(Yungang Grottoes) and Pingyao(Ancient City) of Shanxi Province. Besides, Mt. Hua of Huayin County is also a nice place if you like hiking on the most precipitous peak in China.