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Guangji Gate Tower

History of Guangji Gate Tower


Guangji Gate Tower is often regarded as the most spectacular one among seven ancient city gates of Chaozhou. The gate tower is constructed in 1370 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it is the most prominent symbol of Chaozhou City today. Featured by the distinctive architectural style and the grand fortifications, this gate tower is surely a must-see landmark for visitors and locals alike.


Features of Guangji Gate Tower


Stands to the west of Xiangzi Bridge, Guangji Gate Tower occupies a prominent position in the center of Chaozhou City, it is  well-preserved till today as a good example of this kind historic construction. Erected on a large, thick platform, this magnificent construction is a three-storey tower, and the architectural style outwardly resembles that of a palace. In the center of the first floor stands an impressive arch, at a height of 11.9 feet and a width of 9.5 feet. Hanging on the third floor is a gigantic bronze bell, made in 1134 during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Guangji Gate Tower presents a pretty majestic and imposing sight for it was double-crowned with green tiles and constructed with red walls, as well as decorated with the delicate carvings, scarlet pillars and fine traceried windows.

From Guangji Gate Tower, you can see three antique gate towers and the ancient city wall, which measures over 6,560 feet long as well as a grand bridge stretching across the running waters and the mountain ranges in the distance, seems like vast black jade peaks. If visit here in summer or autumn, you can enjoy magnificent views of the writhing river billows and seething flood tides, really deserves its reputation as one of the eight wondrous sights of Chaozhou City!

A careful renovation has been carried out to the Guangji Gate Tower recently, trying to renew its original Ming Dynasty glory. Some days after, it will certainly present a more elegant and wonderful appearance.