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Chengde Tours

Chengde is famous as the Mountain Resort and Eight Outer Temples have been listed as the world cultural heritage sites by UNESCO. Here we offering you many Chengde tour packages which including Chengde City tours, Beijing-Chengde tours, and tailor-made private Chengde travel service.

Chengde Private Tours

2 Days Chengde Essence Tours      From $120 p/p
1 Day Chengde Highlights Tour      From $90 p/p

Chengde Side Tours

2 Days Chengde Side Trip to Bashang Grassland      From $190 p/p

Bashang Grassland is a section of the Inner Mongolia grassland with an average altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The special climate and the geographical position on the junction of the North China Plain and the Inner Mongolia Grassland bring up Bashang its unique natural landscapes. Accordingly, we provide a 2-day side trip to Bashang Grassland from Chengde.