Location of Dinosaur Museum in Zigong

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Dinosaur Museum in Zigong

Location of Dinosaur Museum in Zigong


When tour to Chengdu, Dinosaur Museum in Zigong is a place worth to visit, which is located in Da Shanpu, the well-known site of dinosaur fossils, which is around 11 kilometers (about 7 miles)away from the center of Zigong City. Occupying an area of 25,000 square meters (about 17 acres), this Dinosaur Museum is the largest in southeast China, enjoying the reputation almost as high as the American National and Canadian Dinosaur Parks. All of these places mentioned above presently provide a large-scale preserved dinosaur fossil burial site.


Features of Dinosaur Museum in Zigong


The constitute of the Dinosaur Museum includes affiliated buildings, a green belt and halls which contain central hall, a fossil burial hall, conference room, dinosaur ecological environment hall, and so on. It is opened to the public in 1987, since then on, by its magnificent burial site, unique architectural style, excellent environment and life-like exhibits, it has enjoyed high comments. The huge rock cave-like museum exhibits dinosaur site, dinosaur fossils, rare species of dinosaurs, and plants and animals in the same age with dinosaur in the two floors and a basement.

The exhibits of the museum can be generally classified into three parts, walking through the museum, you will find that you are seemed to go back to the world of more than 100 million years ago.

The first part centers on the evolution of dinosaurs of different species, where we can get a brief knowledge about dinosaurs.

The second part contains many dinosaur fossils exhibited in the tall and spacious shelf hall. Among all the exhibitions, needless to say, the most striking one is a couple of whole dinosaur skeleton fossils, the Tianfuensis is even more impressive, which bears with an imposing body and long tail, about 20 meters (about 66 feet) long, dwarfing all the other dinosaurs standing beside. There are also fossils of animals that lived on meat or plants, as well as those that could swim or fly.

The third part is the burial site of dinosaurs, which is regarded as the epitome of dinosaur tombs. It is the excavation that includes uncountable ancient vertebrate animal fossils, and the major parts are those of dinosaurs lived about 160 million years ago. It is a hot tourist attraction in Chengdu trip.


Dinosaur Museum in Zigong Notes

1.Admission Fee: CNY 42 for adults; CNY 22 for children less than 18 years old
2.Opening Hours: 08:30-17:30 (Stop selling ticket at 17:00)
3.Guide Service: The museum provides guide service, charging CNY 150 every time (CNY180 in holidays).
4.How to Get There: Trains connect Zigong City with Chengdu or Chongqing via Neijiang. Get to Zigong City first. City bus 15 and 35 run to the museum directly. 
5.Souvenir specialties: Zhu Si Tuan Shan (bamboo fans) and Zigong paper-cuts