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Huanglongxi Ancient Town

On account of the long history of the Hanglongxi village, most of the old buildings of Huanglongxi stem from the late Qing Dynasty period, as indicated, though parts of it belong to the close of the Ming Dynasty, and of course the town's even older buildings, or pile dwellings, situated near the river, represent the ancient vernacular architecture–with certain Han Chinese inspired modifications. All in all, it is worth visiting the Huanglongcxi Ancient Town, and you will not feel disappointed.

Be differs greatly in function from the ancient, the Neolithic Age pile dwellings of Europe, Whereas the function of the latter was solely to raise the house above the ground in flood plain areas, as well as a place to feed them whatever supplementary fodder might be necessary, depending on the season.

The buildings you see standing today were mainly built during the latter half of the Qing Dynasty, you probably considered as the Han Chinese buildings. Miraculously, they escaped the ravages of war, that is, of the civil conflict that led to the 1911.

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there are seven ancient, well-preserved, cobblestones streets were built. Along these streets are six temples, three of them – Gulong ("Ancient Dragon") Temple, Chaoyin ("Tidal Sounds") Temple, and Zhenjiang ("River Town") Temple – being located in the same street, Huanglongzheng Jie ("Huanglong Main Street"), which is only about 200 meters in length.

The climate of the Hanglongxi belongs to a subtropical monsoon. It has an early but brief spring, a hot summer, a cool autumn, and a mild winter. The average annual temperature is a very temperate 16 degrees Celsius. You had better choose spring and autumn as your travel time. Most of the town's restaurants are situated alongside the river, while tea houses can be found virtually everywhere in the town, many of them with outdoor tables under the shade of a banyan tree or a clutch of bamboo trees. In a word, the town will brings you a very different feeling and enjoy your trip there.


Huanglongxi Ancient Town Notes

Huanglongxi Ancient Town opens all day without admission fee.

Transportation: Take the bus from Xinnanmen Bus Station in Chengdu to Huanglongxi Ancient Town. Buses are available from 08:00 to 15:20. They depart every 30 minutes and take about ninety minutes to destination. One ticket costs about CNY8. One ticket costs about CNY8.