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Thatched Cottage of Du Fu

As one of the famous and greatest poets, Du Fu was exiled to Chengdu from Gansu Province in CE 759, at age 47, amidst a period of considerable social upheaval during the Tang (CE 618-907) Dynasty. What he had was only a simple cottage constructed on the bank of a small, idyllic brook, where he liver and wrote poems the next four years, despite the hard conditions of the next four years, this period is the poet’s most prolific and creative time. So the Thatched Cottage has been seen as the symbolic as the extensive expansion.

Chinese government designate the cottage and its immediate surroundings , a 16-hectare garden park, as Notional Heritage site in 1961. The site contains several interesting structures, The Hall of Verse History, the water Platform & Faggot Gate included. the Tablet Pavilion and a replica of the original thatched cottage in which Du Fu lived on the bank of Flower Bathing Brook. In order to collect works of Du Fu, there are plaque s that hang in halls, from pillars, above gate entrances, etc.

Although Du Fu is a very famous poet, his fate is not good. Born in Gong County, Henan Province in 712, Du Fu, styled Zi Mei, sadly died from illness and poverty on a boat on Xian g River in 770. During his life, he had lived through the reigns of the three Chinese emperors - Xuanzong, Suzong and Daizong - as he witnessed firsthand the change from prosperity to decline of the Tang Dynasty. His ambitions in the political was never come true, he was never entrusted an important political position.

He led in fact something of a vagrant's life, experiencing his own share of the trials and tribulations of the times in which he lived. Thus it came about that Du Fu developed a profound insight into the problems and contradictions of the society of his times. As for this period of living with the common peoples, he came to appreciate the hardships and misery of them as well as that of other struggling poets like himself. There is a saying: The art comes from the truly life. Thanks for this experience, all of this was poured into Du Fu’s poems, which has earned the poet a special place in the hearts and minds of Chinese people ever since.

If you want to learn the Chinese culture, the cottage is a good choice, and if you are interest in Du Fu, you can’t miss there. The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu stretches out its arms to welcome visitors from all over the world.


Thatched Cottage of Du Fu Notes

Admission Fee: CNY 60

Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00