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20 Tips to Prevent You Be Cheated in Tourism


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With the improvement of people's living condition, and the advancement of requirements for spiritual pursuing, increasing number of people not satisfied with their normal living situation. Comparied with being restricted in one place during holidays, they tend to go outside for a look. But how to keep their safty and be happy remains a heated topic among tourists, here I briefly introduce 20 tips to prevent you be cheated and enjoy a wonderful holiday in your tour.

1. To make clear of your tour arrangement

(1) To see whether your tour agency provide comselection table and hodometer in detail. The more detailed, the better. Usually, a good scheduling should take into the telephone number of living hotels and restaurants, in case of some tourists wandering away, through the number, they can get connection with the agency in time.

(2) Pay attention to the tour plan, to see whether it is reasonable, it is widely recognized that to waste lots of time on the way is not that wise.

(3) Disscuss the details of tourist attractions. Do these scenic spots to your interest, do the notes listed in detail? Try to make clear of the standards of facilities, management and natural conditions and as well the provided service.

(4) To see which entertainment programmes are included in your fees already being paid and which need to be paid at the scenic spot in order to prevent further disputes.


(5) As the desire for food is part of human nature, it is quite essential to ask clearly of your dining standard.

(6) Make clear of the name and standard of your staying hotel.

(7) To make clear of your transportation vehicle. You have to know not only that whether you get out by bus, by train or by air, but also to know the condition and the type of the vehicle for it is directly connected to whether you are comfortable or not during the trip.

(8) For travlling abroad, you have to be more careful about your passport and the exchange of money.

(9) To see whether there is a tourist guide all along the way. For a touring party containing over 15 members, there should be a guide all the way to ensure the immediate solving of problem in the journey.

2. To choose a tour agency

(10) Pay attention to the qualification of a tour company. If travelling abroad, you'd better make clear of whether the tour agency have the right to organize a tour party touring abroad.

(11) To see the background of the tour agency, generally speaking, a company exclusively managing in touring is better and more professional.

(12) The easiest and most effective way is to see the advertisement of a tour agency. Advertisement is an essential part of creditworthiness of a company, definitely, without some good advertisement, a tour agency cannot ranked as the top in this business. And at the same time, take some vigor to see what media the advertisement are put, the frequency and the length of the ad, they together is an important part to reflect the credit and actual strength of the company.

(13) To see the temperament of the salesman, it is a way to see whether the staff are well trained, clever and capable--an important part of a tour agency.

(14) The salesman's promise. Do not be cheated by the sweet words of a salesman, giving more focus on the outstanding achievements of the company before.

(15) Besides ad, publicity material is also important. The printing should better be exquisite, and the contends should better be detailed.

(16) Remember to call for Tourist Administration for the qualification of the tour agency.

3.Coping flexibly during the tour

(17) If the tourist guide would like to add extra programme in the tour, do make clear whether you are interested in the programme, how much fee should be paid, if this extra programme would hinder the touring of next spot, if only one point not to your favor, you can briefly say "no" to resist such arrangement.

(18) If the tourist guide decreases the touring spot, you can ask for money back and even for complaints compensation.

(19) If not interested in shopping at all, but the tourist guide keep bring you into varies stores, you have to persist in not buying. If all the members are not interested in shopping, you can make suggestion to the guide.

(20) If you are planning to go shopping, while the prices of those stores your guide led you into are too high, you can choose a second store. In Hong Kong and Singapore, the stores with reasonable prices are allowed by the Tourist Administration to bear with the marks of red sailing boat and the merlion.