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6 Classical China Driving Tour Routes


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1.Wonderful view in China prairie
Beijing-Chengde-Saihanba-Hexigten Banner-Asihatu Stone Forest-Dalinuoer Lake-Xilinhot-Zhangjiakou-Bejing
The whole path would be as long as 1800 km, recommended time for visiting is 6-7 days.

2.Amazing scenery in Southwest China
Chengdu-Xichang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang-Kunming-Xichang-Chengdu
The whole path is estimated at around 2700, 7 days is enough.

3.Romantic Hunan Tour
This route is about 1451 km, starting from Changsha,touring around Hunan Province, 5 days is enough.

4.Tour in North China
Beijing-Pingyao-Wutaishan-Xuankong Temple-Datong-Beijing
It is estimated that this path is around 1434 km, which would cost you 5-6 days.

5.Carefree and Leisurely tour in Jiangnan
Hangzhou-Xinchang-Yandang Mountain-Yantou-Wenzhou-Wuyi-Jiande-Hangzhou
This route would be as long as 991 km, 7days is better for a panorama.

6.Mysterious Sichuan and Tibet tour
It is a comparatively long and muddy route, which measured 2168 km, and you'd better arranged at least 7 days for this path. SUV is strongly recommended for this tour.
Special Note: this route goes on the high-altitude region, the temperature is relatively lower than other areas in China, so bring more cloth and take some emergency pills is better.