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7 Most Wonderful Chinese Folk Houses


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Chinese folk houses are the treasures that Chinese ancestors handed down to offsprings, embodying the spirits that Chinese strived for a better life.

These houses are different from region to region, while they all carry the wisdoms of collaborating human beings with nature.

1. Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui

2. PingYao Ancient Town in Shanxi

3. Diaojiao building of Hunan province

4. Kaiping Watchtowers in Guangdong

5. Quadrangle Dwellings (Siheyuan) in Beijing

6. Zhouzhuang in Jiangsu

7. Fujian Tulou

Luckily, some of them are listed as State Protected Historic Site, while they are still broken and disappearing gradually, some of them are yielding to the process of modernization. I do hope that Chinese government and builders can leave some space for these treasures.

WAmong all these dwellings, I like to arrange my home in Quadrangle Dwellings in Beijing the most, while I want to have a look at ancient villages in southern anhui and Pingyao ancient town in Shanxi. Diaojiao building of hunan province and Fujian tulou are interesting ones to have a look closely, while Kaiping Watchtowers in Guangdong and Zhouzhuang in Jiangs are ideal places for China travel agency to arrange tours. Which one is your ideal place to dwell?