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Ancient Towns

As China has over 5,000 years history and hundreds of mountains and plenty of beautiful lakes, it is not surprisedly to know that China has hundreds of ancient town, however, according to the transportations and advertisements, only a few of them have been known by tourists, such as Zhouzhuang, Xitang, Luzhi, Dali ancient Town etc. If you have time, we highly suggest you travel around in China with your own feet, then you will find somethings hidden behind.

  • Hancheng Dangjia Village

    Lying in the northeast of Hancheng, Dangjia Village is about 1.5 kilometers (1,640 yards) west of 108 National Highway, and 3.5 kilometers (3,828 yards) east of the Yellow River. Hancheng Dangjia Village is the largest, oldest and best preserved ancient stockade village ever excavated in Shaanxi. Dang and Jia are the surnames of People in Dangjia Village, about 320 families and over 1,400 persons.
  • North Route to Tour Xian

    Exploring further to the northeast, Hancheng, known as the hometown of famous historican and litterateur of China, Sima Qian Temple, Dangjia Village and Confucius Temple, as well as the over 140 ancient architectural buildings of the Tang, Song, Ming, Yuan and Qing Dynasties (618-1911) in Hancheng County, will please your eyes.
  • Hancheng

    Located in the northeast of Weinan City, 230 kilometers (143 miles) away from the capital city Xian, Hancheng is the hometown of the world cultural celebrity Sima Qian and many other historical celebrities, such as  Zhao Wu, the Ministerial Scholar-Bureaucrat of the Jin State in the Spring and Autumn Periods (770 BC-476 BC); Wang Jie, the Prime Minister of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) etc. Known
  • Langdeshang Miao Village

    Langdeshang Miao Village, near the town of Leishan, is located about 27 kilometers from Kaili in southeast China’s Guizhou Province. This small Miao village has become a popular stopping point for tourists. Langdeshang Miao Village attracts travelers mainly for its three distinctive features: the first feature is that the village brims with a strong ethnic atmosphere that is demonstrated by the
  • Stanley

    It is no doubt that Hong Kong is one of the most attractive destinations for either tourism or shopping, which was known as the Pearl of the Orient. Actually, the Stanley is a common fishing village located on the southernmost part of the Island then developed to be a famous scenic spot in recent years. There is a legend about the name of village: once in the center of the village, there was a lar
  • Residential House in Tangmo Village

    Location of Residential House in Tangmo Village Nestled at the foot of Mt. Huangshan, Tangmo Village is 13 kilometers from the historic town, Shexian, and only 5 kilometers from Chengkan, 3 kilometers from Tangyue Memorial Archways. you can visit these places together. Tangmo Village was known as one of the top ten "must see" scenic spots in Huangshan City and it is also a wide-accepted tourist a
  • Qiankou Residence

    Features of Qiankou Residence   A segment of road lies on the way from Mt. Huangshan to downtown Huangshan city, Tunxi, dotted with quite a few old buildings,  is called a long verandah of old buildings. Among all these buildings, the Qian Kou Residence is especially noted. The Qian Kou Residence, also called Zixia Mountain Villa for it lies at the foot of Mt. Zixia, around 60 kilometers (abo
  • Baolun Hall in Chengkan Village

    Location of Baolun Hall Baolun Hall, a huizhou village, nestled in the mysterious Chengkan Village in Huizhou District, Anhui Province, is noted for well-kept ancient architectures and colorful paintings, which bearing a long history of more than 500 years.   Features of Baolun Hall   Originally built in the early days of the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), Chengkan Village is said to bea
  • Huizhou Local Resident Houses

    Features of Huizhou Local Resident Houses   Different from the yellow tiles and red walls of the north China buildings, the Huizhou Local Residential Houses also discriminate themselves from those colorful dragon and phoenix totems on the ridges of houses in Fujian Province. Generally speaking, Huizhou Local Residential Houses take the appearance of gray tiles and white walls, when seen from af
  • Shexian County

    Location of Shexian County Shexian County, a well-known historical and cultural city, is situated in southeast Anhui Province, under the foot of the reputed Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan). Besides its amazing natural sceney, which is encircleded by green mountains and tranquil water, it is also rich in cultural relics, memorial temples, memorial arches and distinctive residences, it can be seen