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China Attraction Guide
With large covering area and long history, there are many tourist sites on natural,  history, mordern and art. Below are the lists of famous attractions and major city sites. Choose your favor tourist attractions of china and make your China sightseeing better.

Nature Scenery

China nature is unique and renowned as some of the most beautiful palces on earth, such as the picturesque scenery along the Li River in Guilin, magnificent sceneries with high steep cliff in the Yangtze River scenic area, World known Mount Huangshan scenic area etc.

Historical and Cultural Sites

As a country with over 5,000 years history, China never disappoint tourists in the historical and cultural sites. Almost every country has its own heroes/heroines to worship, and many buildings built in memory of their brave activities. Meanwhile, as China is dominated by Buddhism, Taoist and Confucianism, many temples and pavilions were built for their gods, buddhas and sage.


Modern & Art

As a highly civilized country, China has a huge number of poets, painters, scholars, philosophers etc, as a Chinese saying goes "The arts of China is as old as Chinese civilization". China do have splendid various arts. As the architectures, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Pingyao ancient town.... could be the evidences of the splendid culture, nowadays, the Beijing Water Cube, Bird Nest have already become another wonders of the modern architectures in China.