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The 32,000-long coastline gives China a lot of beautiful or even amazing beaches and islets for holidays. On the other hand, considered the climate and weather, the beaches in the Sanya, Xiamen, Beihai with subtropical climate are definitely the best ones in China, also beaches in Qingdao, Putuo Island and Beidaihe are beautiful too.


  • Qingdao Number One Bathing Beach

    Praised as the largest sandy beach in Asia, Qingdao Number One Bathing Beach is located on Huiquan Bay in Qingdao, Shandong. Also named Huiquan Bathing Beach, this beach is famous for its clear water, soft sand and moderate waves. The enchanting scenery with its European sentiment can surpass Hawaii, Bali or Samet Island in Thailand.The beach was first structured in 1901 by the Germans after they
  • Beihai Silver Beach

    Location of Beihai Silver Beach   Located in the south of Beihai City, 10 kilometers away from Beihai City center, Beihai Silver Beach stretches 24 kilometers from west to wast with a width between 3 and 3,000 meters. With its even length, fine and white sand, clean and warm water and gentle waves, Beihai Silver Beach is regarded as the best beach in China. When the sun shines on the river, the
  • Weihai International Beach Resort

    Location of ihai International Beach Resort   Weihai International Beach Resort is located in Weihai Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, it is a natural beach in a typical maritime climate.   Features of Weihai International Beach Resort   The beach coastline reaches a length of 2,800 meters, covering an area of 10,000 square meters.  The high quality sand, the clear-cut fours sea
  • Victoria Bay

    Victoria Bay, which locates on the south coast of the Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, facing the Northern Hong Kong Island, is the No 1 largest harbor in China, and 3rd largest harbor in the world, only after San Francisco in America and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Day and night, the world's busiest port bustles with all manner of watercraft, such as the historic Star Ferries, the cruise liners, cargo shi
  • Causeway Bay

    How should I start the introduction? With must see or must go or shopping paradise? This area is really beyond my description. Originally here was a shoal, and later gradually here became a commercial area with an interconnecting road system, a very popular center for shopping, dining and nightlife in Hong Kong. The ultra-modern Times Square, the Japanese department stores and the fashion boutiqu
  • Xixiu Beach

    Located at the Qingling Road, 6 kilometers from the downtown area, Xixiu Beach is one of the eight most attractive scenic spots in Haikou. With an area of about 66,700 square meters, Xixiu beach attracts a large number of tourists with an international sailing training base, an international yacht club and a Chinese Lido on its 1,200 meters long coast line. The sea water here is of the standard
  • Holiday Beach

    Located near Qingling Road in the west of Haikou, this 6 kilometers long Holiday Beach is a typical place of interest for touring and having leisure at the beach in Haikou. Here is really a marvelous picture of golden sunshine, blue seawater, yellow beach and green coconut trees, and the right place for sunbathes, swimming, sea sports and restaurants for seafood too. Motorboats, surfing, windsur