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Best 10 Sites for Singles Travel Tours


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1. Lijiang
Lijiang is said to be a place fit for being in a daze, it is true. Staying in an ancient quadrangle dwellings, making a cup of tea, looking at the bright stars in the sky, you can even hear the sound of your heartbeat.

Lijiang is peculiar in China, it has stopped the steps of numerous artists, travellers and those in lovelorn (they need a quiet place for healing).

2. Yangshuo
Yangshuo is the best place to explain why the whole world is only a village. You can find foreign friends from all over the world here.

Rent a bike, you can have a full view of this charming town. Want to have sth. exciting? Crazy rock-climbers are easily to be found here, join them, you can begin a new adventure tour in Yangshuo.

3. Dali
Though Dali may not be that charming in respect of scenery, you can fully enjoy freedom here.

Lying on the road, crazy? Noboday would prevent you do so, if live there for one week, you may warmly greeting with the locals and also receive greetings just as if you have stayed there for half a year. Even a small shop can only hold 7-8 persons are exquisitely decorated, you can enjoy pure coffee while appreciating the wonderful pics of painters in YAK.


4. Basha in South Guizhou Province
It is strange that though minutes' path away from town, this Miao village still well-keeps its tradition. Primeval co-existed with modernization. There are not numbers of hotels or bars, while the local household will warmly take you in. Stay in a attic and wake up in the early morning to enjoy the village envelopped in dense mist.

You may be a little confused about the time here, it is just like the photography place of Chinese costume drama.

5. Chengdu
Amazed when see the name "Chengdu"? Chengdu is a diverse city, though maintains few historical remains, it isn't lacking in the feeling of an ancient city.

Life in Chengdu always goes in slow pace, there is one description goes about people's life in Chengdu that if one has only 10 yuan, he would spend 3 for a cup of tea, 2 for sth. else, and one more for glittering his shoes, and several pieces of papers, then the whole day slipping away, though not knowing what to have for dinner.


6. Baiyu
If Baiyu can not be ranked as paradise, then all the other areas have to be called hell.

Light in Baiyu is particular, the light in the dawn can make you revitalize, face the whole day energeticly. While the sunshine in the noon will almost prevent you to do anything to keep away from the light.

7. Kunming
Kunming itself is a city majoring in tourism, to some degree, it is a modern city, but not that to Beijing or Shanghai. Wandering around Cuihu Lake and Dian Lake to feed the animals there is quite pleasant.

Each season there seemed like spring, azure sky and white clouds demonstrate that there is little pollution.

8. Jiuzhaigou
Jiuzhaigou is an area which should have been stayed in fairy tales, if go there alone, don't bring much load, the wonderful scenery can not allow any unhappiness.

9. Shanghai
Shanghai here is actually not referring to that modernized city but those watertowns around Shanghai: Wuzhen, Zhouzhuang are probably the most well-known two watertowns there. Stay in these watertowns will make you forget that you are in one of China's most modernized cities. Have home-cooked meals here is also wonderful.

10. Daocheng City
There is only one word can be used to describe this city: AMAZING.

Is there any site also in your China tour list?