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Best Places for Photographer (Southeast Guizhou, South Anhui ...)


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1. Southeast Guizhou

In the past few years the south area of Guizhou province is good graces by its special scenery. The mysteriously frontier fortress scenery blends perfectly with the verdant hills and green waters. Each year from June to August the waterfall is spectacular, the scenery is attractive .Moreover national characters festivals are should not missed. This his is the best season for taking a journey.

2. North Xinjiang

Northern Xinjiang locates in the northwest of China. Its tourist attraction includes Altay, Ili, Bortala, Tacheng and Karamay. These cities possess verdant woods, beautiful grasslands and numerous natural reserves. Altay area is a land of glories and has warm humid climate. Ili prairie is embayed in mountains ,super abound in products ,so it also called lush southern-type fields north of the Great Wall. Bortala Lake, the hot spring perches in the southwest of Junggar Basin. Bortala acting as Mongolian is "silver gray prairie”, has far-flung grassland, beautiful lakes, many hot springs and numerous Shrines tourist resources. The best season for journey is the end of September to mid-October.

3. South Anhui

The second week to third week in November is in the primrose of red autumnal leaves. This is the best season for visiting southern Anhui. But you only have ten days to take pictures of red leaves. If you missed this scenery, you need to wait until April, the rape flowers are in full flowering, and it is also spectacular worth taking photos. The temperature will lower that month; you need put on more clothes.

4. Ali area in Lhasa

Tibet is the heaven of photographers. Many shutterbugs have a ideal to go to Tibet. The best way to Tibet is self-driving travel. Of course the ideal way is to drive a off-road vehicle. If you have much time, you can plan to take a photograph endurance race from Lhasa to Ali. The scenery on the way will be the spiritual foodstuffs that benefits for your lifetime. The best season for visiting Tibet is every year from May to early July, mid-August to October. Mid-July to Mid-August is the rainy season of Tibet .The road is muddy and the car trap always happens. So if you don’t have enough support. You won’t take a risk. Tibet has big difference in temperature in morning and evening. You should keep warm.