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China Hot Springs


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Occupying a vast area, China is rich in resources of hot spring, whatever provinces you visit, you can find natural hot spring or at least hot spring resorts. It is commonly agreed that hot spring water is rich in mineral substance, which is good for skin and physical health, like removing fatigue, relaxing muscles and tendons, improving metabolism and accelerating metabolism, etc. Now I brifly intruduce some hot springs for you.
1.Huaqing Pool Hot Spring:Huaqing Hot Spring has been the site of a famous imperial bathing pool and various palace complexes over its 3,000 year history. It is situated around 35 kilometers east of the city of Xi'an, at the foot of Li Mountain.

2.Mt. Huangshan Hot Spring:Situated six hundred and thirty meters above the sea level, the Hot Spring has a large tourist comples, including Mountain Guest house, Taoyuan Hotel, villas and tourist shops. It is straddles the Peach Blossom Brook that flows between Purple Cloud Peak and Peach Blossom Peak.

3.Tanggangzi Hot Spring in Anshan, Liaoning Province: it is situated 7.5 km south of Anshan as one of China Four Hot Spring Rehabilitation Center.

4.Anning Hot Spring, Yunnan Province: also named Jade Spring for its clean water, and the water temperature is around 42C-45℃ all the year round.

5.Xifeng Hot Spring, Guizhou Province: It is listed as one of Chinese 8 most famous hot springs.

6.Lushan Hot Spring, Taiwan: the water temperature is around 58-98℃ the whole year.

7.Tangshan Hot Spring in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province: it is situated 28 km east of Zhongshan Gate, the water temperature is about 60-65℃ all the year round. 

8.Meixian Tangyu Hot Spring, Shanxi Province: it is about 100 km from Xi'an, and the water temperature keeps 60℃ the whole year.

9.Didu Hot Spring, Guangdong Province:the highest water temperature here can reach 73℃, and the water is both clean and rich in mineral substance.

10.Conghua Hot Spring, Guangdong Province: it is situated 75 km north of Guangzhou

11.Chaohu Hot Spring, Anhui Province
There are mainly three most famous hot springs in Chaohu, namely, Bantang Hot Spring, Tangchi Hot Spring and Xiangquan Hot Spring. The Bantang Hot Spring is famous for its limpid, the water temperature is around 55℃. Xiangquan Hot Spring, literally means fregrant spring, the daily temperature is about 45℃~47℃. The water in Tangchi Hot Spring can even reach 63℃.


12.Gaoshan Hot Spring, Guangxi Province

13.Lugu Lake Hot Spring, Yunnan Province, the water is around 38℃ all the year round.