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China Tour for 12 Constellations


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1.For the Aries
It is generally agreed that Aries are amiable, with strong motive to take action, energetic, in good faith, talented and brave. Recommended tour in China for the Aries is Mt. Huangshan.

2.For the Taurus
When talk about Taurus, usually such an image would come into our mind: romantic, decisive, of strong logicality, diligent, dexterous, warm-hearted and tolerant. Recommended China tour for the Taurus lies in Shanghai, one of the most modern city in China.

3.For the Gemini
The Gemini, as the name indicates, is a constellation of versatility, they can be very quiet and refined sometime, and they can also be vivacious some other times. Generally speaking, the Gemini are of good discernment and glamour, intelligent, lenient, lively while sometimes capricious. Recommended China tour for the Gemini is Qingdao, a magical city in Shandong Province.

4.For the Cancer
The Cancer, it is widely believed that the Cancer are of high Sixth Sense than others, they are subjective, of good responsiveness and imagination, and they are cautious, persistent and of high perseverance. Recommeded China trip for the Cancer is Yunnan, a dreamlike region in Southwest China.

5.For the Leo
The Leo are usually said of better leadership qualities, they are of strong amour-propre and enthusiasm, they are philanthropic, loyal and good at deliberating. Recommeded China travel for the Leo is Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province.

6. For the Virgo
What come into your mind when think of your friends in Virgo? Are they serious, percipient, perfectionist, modest and clear-minded, practical? Recommeded China Trip for the Virgo is Tibet, corresponding to their characteristics?

7. For the Libra
With quite a lot Libra friends around me, to some degree, I can see Libras are of stong charming, they are idealism, impartial, of strong sociality, and of high aethestic standard, usually elegant and kind-hearted. Recommended China travel is Guizhou Province, a distinctive region in the Southwest China.

8. For the Scorpio
Mysterious, desicive, rational, independent, of strong intuition, and the sense to contribute, while at the same time, they are expert at observation and meditation. Recommended China tour for them is Lijiang, Yunan Province.


9. For the Sagittarius
Generally speaking, the Sagittarius are rational, brave, attentive, lively, warm-hearted and lovely. Recommended China travel is Beijing, the capital of China.

10.For the Capricornus
Brilliant, practical, ambitious, reliable, perseverant, tolerant and optimistic, these words are usually employed to describe the Capricornus, you can make a judgement by yourself, the recommended China trip for them is Xiamen, Fujian Province.

11.For the Aquarius
The Aquarius are believed of strong creativeness, they are tolerant, idealistic, friendly, benevolent and independent, sometimes they show distinctive characteristic of foreseeability. For their China tour, Hangzhou, one of the fairylands on the earth is strong recommended.

12.For the Pisces
Born in the spring, the Pisces are followers of love and beauty, they spend lots of time day-dreaming, meanwhile they are kind-hearted and tempered. Guilin is recommended for their China trip.