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The Daughter of Dragon King

There are many oral traditions, stories being passed down from generation to generation within each of China's fifty-six nationalities.

One of them is the "Dragon King's Daughter" in Tang d

A Cinderella Story

There was once a cave chief named Wu who married two wives and each gave birth to baby girls during the time of the Qin and Han dynasties. Before long, Chief Wu and one wife died leaving one baby,

The Story of Three Genjias

There once lived three men who all had the same name -- Genjia. One of them was the tribal chief, the second was a carpent

The Gold Colt and The Fire Dragon Shirt

Long long ago, you may have heard a landlord who loved money as he loved his own life and famous for his stingy character. Even the smallest coin is as large as a millstone in his eyes. He tried hi


In Yunnan Province, you may have heard about Ashima, whose story is spread in the Yi Autonomous County. It is a long narrative poem of the Sani people who are a tributary of the Yi ethnic group. Sa

Legend of the White Snake

As one of the most famous tales widely spread in China. Legend goes like this:
A two-thousand-year old white snake disguised into a beautiful woman coming into the human world, and married a

Hundred Birds Costume

It is a well known folk story of the Guangi Zhuang Automomous Region, most popular in the Baiyue ethnic minority group. This
story depicts the happiness and sorrow of people in the Zhuang auto

The Story of Meng Jiangnv

"Meng Jiangnv bringing down the Great Wall with her tears" is well known in China. Operas, ballads, and musical narrations etc featured on this legend are widely spread among the Chinese. No exagge

The Legend of Torch Festival

Torch Festival is an important and traditional festival of Yi, Bai, Naxi, Jino and Lahu nationalities. Known as "Eastern Carnival", this festival is rich in profound folk cultural connotation. Thou

The Jinjiang River Goddesses of Three Sisters

Legend goes like this:
Long long time ago, one day, the three daughters of the Dragon King of the Jinjiang River were touring around the Cangshan Mountains and Erhai Lake, as they found the lo

The Ladders to Heaven

Legend says long long time ago, when the sky and the earth was not so far as today do, they were connected by ladders. Thus, the immortals and deities could go up and down freely, even sometimes th

The Legend of Ji Gong

Legend says Ji Gong is a monk who helped people with a magic fan. The legend of Ji Gong was actually evolved from the story of Dao Ji, a hierarch of the Chan sect in the Southern Song Dynasty.

Larenbu and Jimensuo from Tu

Larenbu and Jimensuo is a long folk poem and the most popular and influential epic of the Tu minority. Actually, it is a Tu version of Butterfly Lovers(Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai), a tragic love

Song of Everlasting Sorrow

Yang Yuhuan, known as Yang Guifei (the highest-ranking imperial concubine) is the favorite concubine of Emperor Tangxuanzong in Tang Dynasty.she was one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, also

Swan Song of Beauty Du Shiniang

During the regin of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Beijing was a prosperous commercial city, especially the Brothels businesses. Among them, the one named Yicuiyuan brothel was the

Butterfly Lovers

Also known as Liangzhu, is a Chinese legend about the tragic romance between the scholar Liang Shanbo and the beautiful girl Zhu Yingtai. This legend is considered as the Romeo and Juliet in Chines

The Golden Reed Pipe from Yao

Long long ago, a woman and her daughter lived in the mountains. The daughter liked to dress in red, and her name is Little
Red(Not the Little Red Hat). One day, while they are farming in the f

Cowherd and Weaving Girl

Maybe you have heard, maybe not, I still have to stress that the fairy tale of the Cowherd and the Weaving Girl is one of the four most famous folktales of ancient China and loved by the old genera

Mazu The Godness of the Sea

In Fujian Province, Taiwan Province, or some coastal cities in China's south parts, Mazu is the most worshipped sea goddess.
However, if you have been to Fuli ancient town in Yangshuo, Guangxi

Legend of Dong Yong

Almost every Chinese knows the legend of Dong Yong and the seventh fairy. The seventh fairy in Heaven was touched by the dutiful guy named Dong Yong in Han Dynasty and descended to the human world

The Matchmaker

Yue Lao (literally means the old man in the moon), is the god who unites persons in marriage in a Chinese legend. He is definitely the founder of the following matchmakers since Tang Dynasty.

The Legend of Nian Monster

Maybe you have idea that Chinese paste couplets and fire fireworks, firecrackers on the Lunar New Year Eve, but do you know why they fire these? Take a bench and some snacks, I will tell you slowly

Big Mouthed Celestial Animal

If you have been to Yunnan or Sichuan in southwest China, you will be impressed by the colourfully painted wood ladles in the shape of a strange animal hanging on the front doors of the dwellings o

Tales of Balagencang

Balagencang is a witty and humorous representative of Mongolian laboring people, and his tales have long been spreading throughout the land of Inner Mongolian grassland as well as the high yurts.

Folklores of Guyuyan

Guyuyan is a special fishing group living at a small town named Eerjiegou near the estuary of Liaohe River, migrated by land and water from the central and eastern region of Hebei Province in North

Manas the Heroic Epic of Khalkhas

As one of the three major heroic epics in China, Manas is also a heroic epic of Khalkhas. According to the legend of Khalkhas, he is a famous hero and leader, who is the incarnation of prowess, bra

Forefathers of Various Professions in Shanghai

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially the Qing Dynasty, Shanghai witnessed a booming commodity economy, and almost all of the professions could be found in Shanghai. Even after the Opium W

Ximu Spider

In ancient China, spiders were called "Ximu", which means happy insects. Still in today's folk culture in China, spiders are believed to bring happiness in the morning and wealth in the evening, ho

A Chinese Creation and Flood Myth

The Miao nationality in China actually no written records, but many legends in verse, which they learn to repeat and sing.
Hei Miao or Black Miao(named for their dark chocolate-colored clothes

Mr Chang and the Yellow Robe

Long long time ago, in somewhere of ancient China, there lived a gentleman named Mr. Chang. Everyday, he went out with his plain colored clothes, black hat and black shoes. One day, he found there

The Chinese and the Moon

As Moon is a token of gentleness and brightness to Chinese, it has already become the beautiful yearnings and the auspicious token of abundance, harmony, and luck in Chinese minds. On the 15th day

Zhepama and Zhemima

To Achang nationality, the most important myth must be the Zhepama and Zhemima, depicting the origin of the world and the first human beings in it.

According to the Achang myth, the world i

Chinese New Year Legend

Legend goes like this:

Long long time ago, there was a man-eating predatory beast called Nian. With a long head and sharp horn, it was extremely fierce. Nian dwelled deep in the mountains a

Jiang Taigong Fishes

During the Shang dynasty (16th - 11th century BC), the last King Zhou was a tyrannical and debauched king that he spent his days carousing with his favorite concubine Daji, and if some upright offi

Ma Liang with Magic Paint Brush

Legend goes like this:

Long long time ago, there was a poor but kind young man named Ma Liang. He lived by helping rich man to tend cattle. He was a boy like drawing and painting pictures e