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Tales of Balagencang

Balagencang is a witty and humorous representative of Mongolian laboring people, and his tales have long been spreading throughout the land of Inner Mongolian grassland as well as the high yurts.

While seeing the sufferings of the laboring people in Mongolia, Balagencang upholds justice for impoverished herdsmen, as well as destory the ruthless and decadent monastic rulers with their religious superstition and feudal ethics. Though many bureaucrats, herd owners and superior Lamas did what they can do to persecute him, Balagencang wittily frustrates their conspiracy every time, thus, he became the hero of the poor people everywhere. A popular saying among Mongolian says:"Where there is wind, people know about Balagencang. Wherever he goes, he can settle down there and make a lot of friends as well."

These stories are witty, humorous and full of wisdom, and the language is clear, simple and trenchant, featuring a riddle-like structure, with foreshadowing smartly presented at critical moments. Besides, by every end of the stories, there will be a foreshadowing laid bare. As the content, these stories expose and castigate villains and evil deeds with exaggerated and weird sarcasm.