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Chinese Kung Fu


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With the projecting of Kung Fu PandaⅡ, Chinese Panda and Chinese kung fu again attract worldwide attention. Maybe there are still quite a lot people remember clearly the lovely hero, Po in the Kung Fu PandaⅠfor his cute appearance and clumsy activities. We felt sorry when Master Wugui passing away and we cheered for his finally growing into a Dragon Warrior.

In Kung Fu PandaⅡ, Po, sticking his career as a Dragon Warrior, recalcitrantly protects the Valley of Peace together with his friends and fellow kung fu masters, The Furious Five, however, his new life is threatened by the emergence of a formidable villain, in order to defeat such a furious enemy, Po has to find out the secrets of his mysterious origins so as to unlock the strength he needs. Needless to say, it is another feast to our eyes as there is still lovely Po and also splendid demonstrating of Chinese kung fu.

When talk about Chinese kung fu, which is also known as Chinese martial arts, it should be noticed that Chinese Kung fu is a typical traditional Chinese culture as the essence of national intelligence, it is not equal to combat operation or fist sports, but a combination of Confucious ideas of moderation, Taoist thoughts of changing from stillness to move and Buddhism beliefs of understanding from meditation. In a world, Chinese kung fu paid special attention to internal and external cultivating and improving.

Among various Chinese kung fu styles and schools, Shaoling kung fu may be the most well-known. Shaolin Temple in Henan Province has now been a scared place for kung fu lovers. Meanwhile, Taiji is another well accepted one since masses of people both home and broad firmly believe that practicing Taiji can both build one’s body and train one’s disposition.

Well, it may again raise a heated trend in learning Chinese kung fu and visit lovely Chinese pandas, go to Shaolin Temple for a distinctive Chinese visit while at the same time experience a Chinese kung fu is definitely a good choice.