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God of Wealth

As you can see, God of Wealth is common to see in every city in China, almost every Chinese know something about God of Wealth. Why? because people believe that this god could bring in wealth and r

Fuxi and Nv Wa

According to Chinese ancient mythic legends, Fuxi and Nv Wa are the human ancestore.
Legends says Fuxi is not only a clan leader in the east, the chief of the three sage kings and five virtuou

Guan Yin

Actually, Kwan-yin or Guan Yin(Goddess of Mercy) was translated from "Avalokites' Vara" in Sanskrit. With kind and dignified facial appearance, Kwan-yin holds a clean bottle with a twig of willow i

God of Kitchen

Also known as "Gentleman Kitchen (Zaojun)", "Grandfather Kitchen (Zaoye)" or "King of Kitchen (Zaowangye)", the God of Kitchen is a God in charge of eating in ancient Chinese mythology. People beli


According to ancient Chinese mythology, kylin is an animal living in imagination, somewhat like a deer, with horns on the head and scales over the body, and the tail is like that of an ox's. It is

King Yama

If you have read the Journey to the West, maybe you have idea who is King Yama, and the post of his. According to ancient China mythology, King Yama is the judge of the dead, who presides over the

Door Gods

In ancient China, Door Gods of China were divinities Taoists and common people believed to guard doors. also portraits of door gods for posting on doors. The door gods are widely popular among the

Holy Farmer Yandi

As ancient Chinese Mythology says, Human beings were created by the goddess Nv Wa, and as the number increased in multiplied rapid. later, people suffered a gradual decline in natural food. With fe

The Goddess of Silkworm

An ancient Chinese Mythology goes like this:

Long long time ago, a father went on a long journey and left his daughter and a horse at home. The lonely little girl have to keep the horse as


According to ancinet Chinexe Mythology, Huangdi was the Lord of Central Heaven, with his assistant Hou Tu the god of earth, was in charge of all four seasons and all the directions. Legend says he


As the ancient Chinese mythology says, the Taotie is a monster that was extremely greedy of eating and would eat anything it could see, even its body. So, the image of the taotie on some bronze war


As a divine animal of ancient China living in imagination, dragon has a snake body and tail, lizard legs, eagle paws, deer horns and fish scales, with a beard at the mouth corners and a pearl under

Gong Gong

Known as the God of Water based on the ancient Chinese mythology, Gong Gong is believed to be the descendant of the Yan Emperor, a powerful tribal leader in the period of "the Three Emperors and Fi

Zhu Rong

In China's mythology, Zhu Rong is the God of Fire. According to the mythology, it is he who live in the Bright Place of Kunlun Mountain, and sent the kingling from heaven, taught human beings how t

Holy Whole Double Immortals

Known as Holy Whole Gods, they are traditional Chinese gods in folk custom worshiped by Chinese for impetrating family concord and reunion as well as blessing a harmonious married life for newlywed


A widely-believed bodhisattva in Chinese culture, it is loved by ordinary people for his benevolence. According to Buddhist sutras, Maitreya was born in ancient India, a contemporary of Sakyamuni.

Tai Sui

The term of "Tai Sui" is derived from the "Tai Sui Calendar System" of ancient China. "Sui" referred to Jupiter, which was considered as the head of all stars in China, however, as it was quite inc

Goddess of Wu Mountain

As the east gate of Chongqing Municipality of China, Mount Wu is the onlu route to visit the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. With this grand and mysterious mountain, there exists a beautiful and


Known as Tianlu or Bixie in Chinese, Pixiu is a well known one of the five auspicious animals in ancient Chinese mythology(alongside the dragon, phoenix, tortoise, and Chinese unicorn). With a drag

Zhong Kui

As every Chinese Known, Zhong Kui is a god who exorcises ghosts and evil spirits.

Legend says Zhong Kui was born with a panther-like head, ring-like eyes, an iron face and curly whiskers an

Wong Tai Sin

(Pinyin: Huang Daxian),or "Great Immortal Wong" is a Chinese deity popular in Hong Kong with the power of healing. It is believed that "Great Immortal Wong" is the divine form of a person named "Wo

Lord of Land

In Chinese folktale, Lord of Land may be the lowest-ranking but the most-widely worshipped god of all divinities. In ancient China, Lord of Land was enshrined in nearly all households. And temples

Cowherd and the Weaving Girl

The fairy tale of the Cowherd and the Weaving Girl is one of the four most famous folktales of ancient China.

It is a classic love story between a fairy girl and a human boy. The fairy girl