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As a divine animal of ancient China living in imagination, dragon has a snake body and tail, lizard legs, eagle paws, deer horns and fish scales, with a beard at the mouth corners and a pearl under the forehead, as well as the powers of changing, controling the cloud and rain. Meanwhile, the original dragon was not waht they look toady, the image was gradually evolved with the long history. Chinese people call themselves "descendants of the dragon", because they regard the dragon as a symbol of dignity. Meanwhile, the dragon has now become the symbol of China.

Since in the ancient China, people could not explain the natural phenomena of rain, thuner, lightning. Therefore, an imaginary animal with the great power of wind, rain and thunder became the totem of a nation. The animal was giving the power of controling the rain, thuner, lightning, fish swimming in the river, birds flying in the sky. So the image of the dragon gradually took shape and it was regarded as the king of animals and a divine creature capable of doing anything.

The earliest image of dragon was discovered in a tomb of the primitive society, which was created with shells in the shape of a lizard. The real one is "the first dragon of China", a jade dragon excavated from a tomb of the Hongshan Culture of the Neolithic Age. Though it shaped just like a "C", it was the real chance to encounter the real past of the history. The Jade Dragon has a pig-like head. Maybe the original ones was somewhat like a pig? The jade dragon is also called "pig dragon".

As time goes by, the image of the dragon keeps changing. However, the dragon used to be an extremely sacred symbol of monarchical power and nobility. But now, it has come to the ordinary people, serving as a favored mythological image to all.