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Fuxi and Nv Wa

According to Chinese ancient mythic legends, Fuxi and Nv Wa are the human ancestore.
Legends says Fuxi is not only a clan leader in the east, the chief of the three sage kings and five virtuous emperors of China at the dawn of human civilization, but also an omnipotent wise man capable of various kinds of skills. He created the Eight Diagrams, made musical instruments, cook tasty food, and also contributed a lot to the traditional Chinese medicine. He formulated etiquettes and regulations for people, reducing the barbaric marriage by plundering. He was the real forefather of Chinese civilization.

Nv Wa is a famous female leader during the remote legendary period of China with powerful abilities. It is said that she repaired the heaven with colored rocks and killed the brutal beasts, and it is she who used clay to create humans and human society by simulating her own appearance. Furthermore, she slao invented a kind of musical instrument called reed pipe wind instrument and created the marriage system. So, she is also called the marriage goddess.

As the legends on Fuxi and Nv Wa, there ara many books, such as Book of Changes, Elegies of Chu, Writings of Prince Huainan and Book of Mountains and Seas etc. if you want to find more, buy one, English version is suggested.