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Gong Gong

Known as the God of Water based on the ancient Chinese mythology, Gong Gong is believed to be the descendant of the Yan Emperor, a powerful tribal leader in the period of "the Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns".

It is said that Gong Gong is the earliest flood-control hero who led people to combat floods bravely and put floods under control by "blocking", not "dredging". Though he failed to find the root causes of flood and his work was not so magnificent as Yu did, he accumalated a lot of experience in flood control for later generations, also for Yu. So, Gong Gong was later honored as the God of Water. Gong Gongwas is also an expert in agriculture, who invented the method of "building embankments for water storage". In the end, Gong Gong's tribe lost to the tribal coalition led by Yu the Great in a war.