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According to ancinet Chinexe Mythology, Huangdi was the Lord of Central Heaven, with his assistant Hou Tu the god of earth, was in charge of all four seasons and all the directions. Legend says he had four faces so everything happened in the four directions could not escape his eyes. As the supreme ruler of the kingdom of gods, he had everyone under his rule.

Here listed below are the four Lords of the four directions of heaven.
The Lord of Eastern Heaven Fuxi , with Goumang the god of wood as his assistant, was in charge of the spring;
the Southern, Yandi, with Zhurong the god of fire, the summer;
the Western, Shao Hao, with Rushou the god of gold, the autumn;
the Northern, Zhuanxu, with Xuanming the god of water, the winter.

As the evidence to his justice, there were many legends.

Legend 1
Once Gu, the god of mountain and son of Candle Dragon, conspired with another god and killed a god named Bao Jiang. Gu's father Candle Dragon was a god whose seniority could be compared with Pan Gu. His eyes opened, day emerged; his eyes shut, night came. Given a puff of him, winter arrived; given another, summer took the place of winter. Taking no food, drink, or rest, Candle Dragon was always holding the candle in his month to light up dark Nine Springs the nether world. Though Gu was Candle Dragon's son, Huangdi still handled the matter impartially, and arrested Gu and his accomplice and sentenced them to death.

Legend 2
An evil official named Wei subordinate to the human-faced, snake-bodied god Erfu, instigated his lord into killing another human-faced, snake-bodied god. After that, Huangdi arrested the criminal and tied the official to a big tree on the mountain for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Huangdi sent some powerful sorceress with magic medicine that brought the innocent god back to life.

Meanwhile, Huangdi was also the ruler of the ghosts, for his assistant, the god of earth Hou Tu, was the king of the ghosts' world. Furthermore, Huangdi had a divine beast named Baize, which could know everything about everybody.

Some Legends says some of the Huangdi's descendants were gods, while some are people of the human minorities on the earth. such as, the gods of sea in charge of the East Sea and North Sea,were son and grandson of Huangdi respectively; Gun,who stole Xirang from heaven to regulate flood for the masses,was grandson of Huangdi's brother, Zhuanxu,the Lord of Northern Heaven,was great grandson of Huangdi...... So, maybe you have an idea why Chinese People call themselves of Yanhuang Descendants.