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According to ancient Chinese mythology, kylin is an animal living in imagination, somewhat like a deer, with horns on the head and scales over the body, and the tail is like that of an ox's. It is said that Kylin could live for 2,000 years and could also spit fire and roar like thunder.

As one of the four divine creatures,(other three are phoenix, turtle and dragon), Kylin was regared as a celestial animal, a benevolent animal, the mount for god and a symbol of auspiciousness since ancient China. Besides, of all animals, the kylin was ranked second only to the dragon.  

On the other hand, Kylin is a carrier of profound cultural connotations. lots of legends in ancient Chinese culture had relations between kylin and emperors. It was widely believed that Kylin was the mailman between the will of Heaven and the Emperor. Besides, as a saying of "the kylin bringing a child" says, common people regard the animal as a divine creature bringing children to them. It was said that Confucius was brought by a kylin.

In traditional Chinese folk customs, various ornaments bearing kylin images are made and given to children as a talisman, for people believe it could bring luch and protection. the most famous ones, which we could still visit today, are the auspicious guarding creatures in the imperial mausoleums of the Southern Dynasty located in Qixia Town of Nanjing. it worths a visit.