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Known as Tianlu or Bixie in Chinese, Pixiu is a well known one of the five auspicious animals in ancient Chinese mythology(alongside the dragon, phoenix, tortoise, and Chinese unicorn). With a dragon's head, a horse's body and a unicorn's feet, it  looks like a lion and has gray fur, capable of flying. The reason why the Pixiu is so loved by Chinese is people believe it is a wealth-bringing divine animal, and have no idea of returning money back. Because it has a mouth but no anus, so it just swallows things inside without passing anything out. what a wicked animal! So, no matter which city in China are you in, you will find near some hot attractions, there are many shops sell Pixiu in stone or jade etc.

As a fierce and powerful animal, Pixiu is in charge of patrolling duty in the sky to keep demons, ghosts, plagues and diseases at bay. Meanwhile, Pixiu is also believed to be an animal capable of driving away the evil sprits of a particular place and bringing happiness and good luck, as the dragon and the lion do. Furthermore, Pixiu is an auspicious animal with a ferocious nature and only loyal to protect its master. So, it is considered as a house-guarding animal with the ability to ward off evil spirits.

Moreover, Pixiu is believed to be the ninth prince of the Dragon King, and it only feed on gold, silver and jewelry. Thought it likes the three-legged toad, it was in favor with the Jade Emperor and the Dragon King for what it is capable of doing.

As the reason why it doesn't have anus, there is a funny story. when it lived on the heaven and loved by Jade Empeor, it ate too much gold, silver and jewelry. It had to go to the toliet to relieve the bowels. However, this pure animal angered the Jade Emperor, who gave him a slap on the buttocks with magic power. As a result, Pixiu's anus was sealed up. After that, gold, silver and jewelry could only go into his body and couldn't come out. What a poor animal!