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Tai Sui

The term of "Tai Sui" is derived from the "Tai Sui Calendar System" of ancient China. "Sui" referred to Jupiter, which was considered as the head of all stars in China, however, as it was quite inconvenient to calculate the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches based on the movement of Jupiter, Chinese created a false star moving directly opposite to Jupiter, which is called "Tai Sui".

People believe that the directions the Tai Sui Star moves every year and its positions were sacred, and the "Fengshui" developed more taboos, building, migration or holding a wedding toward or against the moving direction of Tai Sui were regarded offenses to Taisui and should be avoided.

In the Song Dynasty, the Tai Sui Star was personified and transformed into a god. In Ming Dynasty, the ruling regime recognized the belief in Tai Sui and usually set up sacrificial altars to pay tribute to Tai Sui. Meanwhile, the taboo of keeping away of the Tai Sui star has been kept down from generations to generations. If you have been to Nanjing or Guilin(Solitary Beauty Peak), you will feel the history and beliefs.