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The Goddess of Silkworm

An ancient Chinese Mythology goes like this:

Long long time ago, a father went on a long journey and left his daughter and a horse at home. The lonely little girl have to keep the horse as a company and fed it with grass and fodders every day. As time goes by, the little girl became so lonely that she could not hear the time without her father, she cried to her horse: "Horse, if you can find my father and cany him back, I will marry you as your wife." while listening to her words, the horse became extremely excited, swaying its tail and nodding heads. After eating the grass, the horse suddenly rushed toward, broke the rein and ran out of the yard, disappeared in the distance.

Running in several days and nights, the horse finally found the place where the father lived. while seeing the horse, the father was both surprised and elated. He fed the horse with water and grass and then rode on it to have a walk. However, the horse refused to go anywhere but looked at the direction it had come. the father was very surprised on seeing that and not sure what happened to his daughter, he quickly rode on the horse and went back home.

However, nothing happenede but his daughter missed him. when he knew the horse understood human's emotion and carried the father hack, the father treated the horse very well for its smartness. However, the horse refused to eat what the father brought to, and only when it saw the daughter pass by the stable, the horse would reveal a strange facial expression, neighing and kicking. when the father knew the truth between the horse and his daughter, he said“It was a shame. Do not tell anyone about it.” and shot dead the horse with an arrow, peeled off its skin and dried it in the yard.

One day, the father went on a journey. The daughter played with the neighbor's girls in the yard. On seeing the horse skin, she went up to kick it, abusing, " You brute! You are dreaming to marry a human! You deserved to be skinned. Dare you... "
suddenly, the horse skin flew from the ground and wrapped the daughter closely. It revolved around like a heavy wind, and then rose up to the sky and disappeared at the end of the field. When the father came back home hurriedly, the whole tribe and him went out to look for her in several days and nights.

Finally, they found the daughter wrapped by the horse skin among the branches of a big tree, and she had already become a long worm with a head like a horse. Meanwhile, she spun out a kind of thin thread white and smooth from her mouth. Curiously to see this, people named the long worm as "Can (silkworm)", and the tree related as "Sang (mulberry)".

Subsequently, the daughter became the god of silkworm while the horse skin became her inseparable intimate company. Legend says, she also spun out silk and presented it to Huangdi to celebrated the victory of war between Huangdi and Chi You.