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Wong Tai Sin

(Pinyin: Huang Daxian),or "Great Immortal Wong" is a Chinese deity popular in Hong Kong with the power of healing. It is believed that "Great Immortal Wong" is the divine form of a person named "Wong Cho Ping".

Located in Hong Kong, the famous Wong Tai Sin Temple is very popular among the Hong Kong people. Everyday, the temple will be covered by the smog of the Burning incenses from its religious believers. As the Self-Descriptions of Chisongzi said, Wong Tai Sin was born under the name Wong Cho Ping in 338 in today's Lanxi City, Jinhua County, Zhejiang Province, China.

It is said that when he was eight, after experienced poverty and hunger, Wong Cho Ping ecided to become a shepherd boy. Then, he began practicing Taoism at fifteen. Forty years later, Wong Cho Ping was said to have been able to transform stones into gold. He is also known as Immortal Chisong for his hermit mountain. Besides, his birthday is on August 23 of the Chinese lunar calendar.

In Hong Kong, Wong Tai Sin has deep influence of the people in Hong Kong, such as the Wong Tai Sin area, Wong Tai Sin districts, MTR station named Wong Tai Sin and there is a Wong Tai sin Temple etc. It's true that many tourists from all over the world visit Wong Tai Sin temple every day.