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Chinese Style of Birthday Celebration


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According to records, the celebration of birthday in China hasn't existed until Wei and Jin Dynasty. Traditionally, Chinese people do not pay much attention to birthdays until they are 60 years old. The 60th birthday is regarded as an important point of life. In Chinese culture, 60 years makes a cycle of a life and 61 is regarded as the beginning of a new life cycle. When one is 60 years old, he is expected to have a big family filled with children and grandchildren, therefore there is often a big celebration. After that, a birthday celebration is held every ten years, that is the 70th, the 80th, etc, and it is often seen in China that the birthday celebration is held one year before, namely, 59, 69, 79, etc. Generally speaking, the older the person is, the greater the celebration occasion will be.

The grownup sons and daughters will hold a birthday party for elderly parents, showing their respect for their parents and expressing their gratitude for what they have done for them, wishing their a longevity and healthy. The typical birthday presents are usually two or four of eggs, long noodles, artificial peaches, tonics, wine and money in red paper. In the morning of their birthday, the Shou Hsing will eat a bowl of "long-life noodles", since in China, long noodles symbolize a long life, and often there will be some eggs put together with noddles. To make the occasion grand, other relatives and friends will be invited. Regardless of the scale of the party, peaches and noodles, both are signs of long life, can not be forgot, while the peaches are usually not real ones, they are steamed wheaten food with sweet stuff inside. They are called peaches for they are made in the shape of peaches.

While with the inflow of western culture, birthday cake is now increasingly welcomed, especially for the young. And almost in every year of a kid's birthday, he/she will receive a birthday cake sent by his/her parents. Meanwhile, the elder also accepted this custom, birthday cake is also quite common to see in their 60s, 70s, etc. birthday party.