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Top 10 Hiking Routes in China


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As the Chinese saying goes, “East or west, Guilin is the best”, Guilin is one of the most favored destinations for foreign visitors in China. For those who prefer personal experience of the scenery in detail rather than joining a team, a route of hiking around the Li River is advised. It has been accepted and tried by more and more visitors. The route starts from the Yangdi Dock at Li River in Yangshuo and ends at Xingping. With a distance over 10 kilometers, the one-day route gives you personal experience of the local people and their traditional life.


Visitors from different ethnic groups with different languages and complexion hike through the mountains and rivers. This is not Manhattan in New York, but Tiger Jumping Gorger in Lijiang Prefecture. This is one of world known hiking paradises. Entering from the upper gorger or lower reaches, the whole journey will take you two days. The safety can be conformed, but the danger of the gorge makes the journey a difficult one.


Kanas is a picturesque lake in autumn praised by visitors ever gone. Kanas is famous for its unique golden or orange forests, clean lakes and mysterious Tuvinian villages. Starting from the Red Fishing Island in North Xinjiang, the route pass through the Black Lake, Hemu Village, and ends at Jiadeng Valley. The whole journey takes about three days and camps are needed.

The Great Wall is the symbol of China. It is a great challenge for people to complete the whole hiking journey. One of the sections of the Great Wall is advised when hiking along the wall, and the most favored section stands near to Beijing. If you can complete the whole journey from Jiayu Pass to Shanhai Pass, it is a new record.

Boasted with European landscape, the Mountain of Four Girls is praised as the Alps in China. It is an easy destination for hiking for its closing location to cities. The general route starts from Rilong, and Changping Village, Y-shaped valley, Yakou and Bipeng Valley is along the route. The whole route takes about 3 days.

Town of Rice was praised as the last Shangri-la before Zhongdian took its current name. Town of Rice is a picturesque place which can only be described as oudong, especially Yading. The landscape stands far away from the noise city. With its clean scenery, Yading locates at the eastern edge of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The 3 days starts from Town of Rice, passing through Sela, and ends at Yadang.

Mt. Kailash is praised as the holy mountain in Tibet, and the best place to pilgrim. The hiking there actually is to join in the rounding mountain movement of Tibetan Buddhism. It starts from Darchen, passing through Chuku Temple and ends at the departure. The whole journey takes about three days. The climates is advised to take care.

As stated in Chinese poets, the pretty of Three Gorges is beyond any imaginations. There is a not advised route for hikers to choose, and it depends on persons. Though it has not high altitude, it is a dangerous movement, and excellent preparation and detailed plan are needed.

To get to the peak of the Qomolangma or Everest is a dream growing in everyone. However, the difficulties beyond your imagination will cool your heating blood. Fewer people can do that. The general route starts from Dingri to enter and exit from old Dingri. What we can do when hiking is only to have a close view of the peak and feel the heating blood when standing closing to the Everest.

Metok means hidden lotus in Tibetan Language. It is the only county in China without national highways. It was claimed the paradise for hikers for its picturesque landscape. A license is needed when hiking in Motuo. The usual route is from Pai, Lage, Anichio, Barzando, Motek, Darmok, and ends at 80K. The whole journey takes 9 days, which is a challenge to body, strength, and wisdom.