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Yugu Ethnic Group Hat Decoration Matters

With embroidered design, the high-collared long gown is mostly used in among Yugur women. To match it, they often wear a bright-colored jacket over the long gown and a hat with decoration of lace a

Xunpu Girls Decorating Hair with Gorgeous Flowers

Situated about ten miles away from Quanzhou, Xunpu is a small coastal fishing village, which still keeps its wealthy traditions. The unique landmark of the nationality is the hairo of the Xunpu's w

Woman's Coronal of Tajike Nationality

It is often used as a hair decoration by Tajike women, which was in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. They are just used when attending important events. The mian material is silver and gold platin

Woman's Batik Dress of the Bouyei Nationality

Woman's Batik Dress
Bouyei Nationality
Zhenning,Guizhou Province
Late 20th century

Tu people Colorful Sleeves for Women

The cloth is different for Tu people, man's cloth is less colorful than women's. The most popular cloth is a short jacket with buttons down the side. There are seven colors made up of the jackets l

The Pride of Ordos Women

Toudai is the name of the headdress for Ordos women, which is the choice piece of Mongolian ornaments as well as the pride of the Ordos people. It includes six parts: horsehair and eardrops, hair h

Tibetan Clothing and Ornaments

Featured by various styles and patterns of Long-standing and unique Tibetan clothing and ornaments, the Tibetan cloth has brightly color which are traditional costume formed from ancient times unde

The Jewels in Tibetan Bride

As a main aspect of the Tibetan wedding trousseau, gold and precious stones is considered auspicious for Tibetan brides,

As a custom, the groom should presents his bride with her wedding go

Huabaotou of Sani Women

As a branch of the Yi ethnic minority, the Sani is famous for its Huabaotou (colored turban), which occupies an important position in the Sani women. In fact, it reflects the intelligent skill of t

The Origins of Manchu Chopine

Having a reputation for being tall and slender, Manchu women give us this impression by wearing platform-soled shoes, tall hair styles and close-fitting cheongsams. There is a legend behind the hei

The Mandarin Jacket

As a kind of men's short jacket, the mandarin jacket is worn over the long gown in former times. It is created for the special use for riding a horse, so the sleeves of the navel-length jacket cove

The Long Headcloth of Achang People

Affected by the adjacent Dai and Han people, men in Achang ethnic minority like to wear blue, white or black jackets. They are button down the front, and black trousers. The unmarried tend to wear

The Fish Skin Costumes of Hoche People

With a long history in China's northeastern regions, the Hoche nationality is an ethnic minority group, which is mainly distributed in Raohe and Fuyuan Counties in Heilongjiang Province. They still

The Drooping Charm of Mongolian Women

A branched wooden stick is used as Monglian women's headwear, which is wrapped with cotton into a knot, and then is sewn up with a piece of cloth. It is different from girls and women. If a g

The Dai Brocade

As a kind of folk handicraft, the Dai brocade is the mostly used in the Dai ethnic people. Inluding woven on cotton cloth and silk, the Dai brocade is an ancient hand-weaving technique. Besides, th

The Craft on Clothings of National Minorities

Be famous for their crafts, the women of the national minorities are good at pringting and dyeing. Both in color-process block printing and monochrome paper matrix printing, which are two different

The Clothing of Zhuang Minority

The Zhuang minority make a living for agriculture by tradition. It has a long history in handicrafts like spinning, weaving and printing, dyeing etc. Mainly distributed in Guangxi, the Zhuang minor

The Chic Headwear of Tu Ethnic Minority

Mainly distributed in the east of Qinghai Province and some parts of Gansu Province of China, the Tu ethnic minority is a minority with a long historic standing. Firstly, they make a living for ani

Clothing of Bai Ethnic Group

Both men and women of the Bai ethnic group love white color, when it comes to clothing. Most of the Bai ethnic's dresses color are light, making strong visual impact with dark colors that are used

Silver Ornaments of Yi Nationality

It is used as an asornment for brides and consisted of 6 groups of decorative patches. Carries other falling down decorative pieces shaped as silver leaf, fringe or silver coin which stands for pro

Silver Ornaments of Miao Ethnic Group

Silver ornaments occupy an important position of the Miao girls. It is easy to distinguish them from many other nationalities. Because wherever they live, their dresses, especially their silver jew

Silver Ornaments of Dai Ethnic Group

It is used as an adornment for brides. Obviously, it is a hand-made by folk artists. The main techniques it adopted are chisel carving, engraving and plating.

Silver Eardrops of Tu Ethnic Group

Tu ethnic minority features its character of gold, silver or copper earrings, which are decorated with patterns, inlaid with red coral or emerald, with five-colored beads hanging on them, and tasse

Hui'an Sexy Lady on Sunny Beach

On the coast of Huidong Peninsula in Quanzhou of Fujian province, Hui'an is a seaside county. In fact, it is home to a special group of people—Hui'an Women, who are famous for their special cloth

Scarf of Yao Nationality

Known as "Pa", the scarf of the Yao nationality is popular in Jinxiu, Guangxi province. In fact, it was prevalent during the rein of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty. Covering  with hand-stitched

Salmon Fish Skin Jacket and Trousers of Hezhe

Woman's Salmon Fish Skin Jacket and Trousers with Applique
Hezhen Nationality
Tongjiang,Heilongjiang Province
Late 20th century

A Little Uygur Flower Hat

As one of the symbols of the minority, colorful cap is part of the Uygur ethnic minority's habiliment. The history of it can date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). With a turnup edge, most males

Pumi Ethnic Group Jacket

Pumi young women favor wearing short jackets. Mostly of them are white, black, and red, buttoned on the right, narrow-sleeved and high-collared. As for adult women, they often wear further shawls a

Pulu Costumes of Menba Nationality

With a close relationship with the Tibetan nationality, Menba nationality's customs are strongly affected by it. On the other hand, they are still have their unique character in many ways. Costumes

Phoenix Headdress of She Women

Mostly distributed in Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, Zhejiang Province and other provinces in South China, the She ethnic minority is famous for its distinct character.

It is hard to

Miao Silver A Poem Written with Silver

There is a saying of the Miao ethnic group: the beauty of golden pheasants lies in their feather, and girls of the Miao minority their silver ornaments. When walking in hustling markets, lanes pave

Five Steps to Make A Miao Bridal Dress

There are five steps consist of a wedding gown of Miao bride.

Firstly, you should select fabrics and a dress maker, buy embroidery needles and threads and tailor the cloth. It is the founda

Miao Bride Donning on Lifetime Belongings

Wedding is a very important ceremony for Miao ethnic minority, which occupies an important position in their culture. The fine embroidery and intricate silver ornamentation of Miao ethnic minority

Maonan People Clothes

Located in the mountainous areas of Guanxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Maonan minority group is a traditional agricultural group which is enough to supply themselves. As a custom, every family ha

Girdle of Luoba Nationality

It is a traditonal waist decoration for men of Luoba nationality. Obviously, it is a hand-made by folk artists. The main materiral of it are cowhide and bears conchs, ground big-size spiral cases a

Traditional Cotton Work of Li Minority

There is a long history of Hainai Li Ethnic Minority Group's weaving and dyeing techniques. After this long time, it has its own unique features. They produce many things such as brocade, printing

Leisure Clothes of Shui Ethnic Group

Most of Shui ethnic minority's men like wearing casual clothes with cloth buttons down the front. They usually wear blue or green clothes. To match the cloth, they often wear a black or blue turban

Lahu Ethnic Group Dark Complexion Preferred

Mainly distributed in Yunnan Province, South China, the Lahu ethnic lived a nomadic life in the very early period. Later on, in order to make a living, they followed the exuberant grassland. If it

Kirgiz Costumes Garments

Red short clothes are the favourites of Kirgiz women, sometimes one-piece dresses. These shirts are not tight with stand-up collars. At first sight, you may think these clothes are simple. In fact,

Kangba Tibetans Put on Colorful Costumes

Mainly distributed in the southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and some areas of Qinghai, Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, Kangba is a branch of Tibetan Ethnic Minority. There are many renowned rivers l

Jino People Rainbow Garment for Women

Usually, Jino women wear collarless jackets buttoned down the front, with the upper sleeves made of black or white cloth. As for the lower part, it has in seven colors such as blue, yellow, red and

Headdress of Miao Ethnic Group

If you are interested in the life of Miao nationality, you had better visit the provinces of south China, where they mostly lived in. The language that they communicate with each other is unique. I

Hair Accouterment of Kazakstan Nationality

Kazakstan nationality, prevailing in Xinyuan County in Xinjiang Autonomous Region of PRC. It is hand-made by folk artists. Employs flower-shaped enchasing, inlaying,and enamel firing techniques. It

Festive Attire of Yuger Nationality

Woman’s Festive Attire
Yuger Nationality
Zhangye,Gansu Province
Early 20th century

Festive Attire of Mongol Nationality

Woman’s Festive Attire
Mongol Nationality
Chaha’er,Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region
Qing Dynasty

Clothing of Uygur Nationality

Woman's Red Velvet Robe with Embroidered Hem
Uygur Nationality
Harmi,Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Qing Dynasty

Clothing of Tujia Nationality

Brocade Quilt Cover
Tujia Nationality
Longshan,Hunan Province
Late 20th century

Clothing of Oreqen Nationality

Girl’s Pieced Skin Robe With Fur Trimmed Hem
Oreqen Nationality
Heilongjiang Province
Late 20th century

Clothing of Manchu Nationality

Clothing of the Manchu Nationality
Embroidered Gauze Robe
Manchu Nationality
Qing Dynasty

Clothing of Li Nationality

Woven Patterned Blouse
Li Nationality
Tongzha,Hainan Province
Late 20th century



Clothing of Dong Nationality

Embroidered Blouse
Dong Nationality
Guizhou Province
Qing Dynasty




Gorgeous Yi Costumes

Yi minority group has many branches, as a result, the costumes in different places vary. You can experience its unique and many beautiful things. Embroidered clothes are very most popular among the

Golden Head of Manchurian Women

Hairstyle and headwear are very unique in Manchu, especially the females' headwear. It is magnificent, natural, elegant and graceful. In a word, it is splendid art works.

As with many other

Fur Costumes of Oroqen Ethnic Group

As with ancestor, the Oroqen people made a living on hunting. Because of their unique lifstyle and the long history of hunting life, all of these caused the creation of their unique dressing cultur

Flower and Silver Cladded Dong Bride

The Dong Wedding Gown

Wearing a dress of black fabric treated with egg white, the Dong wedding outfit is the only splendid costume the average Dong girl possesses in her w

Festive Clothes of Miao Ethnic Group

So-called festival clothes are the clothes worn at Miao festivals and sacrificial rituals or a bride's luxurious and gorgeous dresses worn at the wedding, which are also called "floral dresses". Th

Costumes of Huayao Yi Nationality

A branch of Yi nationality named Huayao lived in the paramos mountainous area in North Shiping County, Yunnan Province. It is a beautiful and magical place. The population of the nationality is jus

Costumes of Hani Nationality

Costume culture is one of signs of Hani nationality, which is not only of extraordinary excellent, but also with rich connotations. It can  reflecs their own natural environment,farming activities

Costumes of Gaoshan Nationality in Taiwan

Gaoshan is one of the ethnic minorities of China, which has a population of more than 400,000. In fact, it nationality in Taiwan. The history of this nationality can date from the Baiyue nationalit

Costumes of Ethnic Minorities in China

Clothes of Chinese ethnic minorities have their own features. Mostly of them have flowery, colorful, extremely exquisite, and highly distinctive which means it is easy to distinguish them from othe

Costumes of Bonan Nationality

Affected by the Mongolian nationality, early costumes of Bonan people were similar with those of the Mongolian nationality. No matter men and women are wearing fur-lined gowns and various fur caps

Collar Press of Shui Nationality

It is made of silver, 195g (Shui nationality,San-Du County in Guizhou Province), which is used as an adornment on women's breast. It is Hand-made by folk artists. Techniques such as casting,chisel,

Coarse Garment of Va people

Accoring to the different place, costume of the Va ethnic minority are also varies. In areas with great Dai's influence, it is similar to the Dai's; in areas influenced greatly by the Han people, V

Clothing of Qiang Minority

The Qiang minority mainly distributed in counties such as Sichuan like Maoxian, Wenchuan, Lixian of the Aba (Ngawa) Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture as well as in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous C

Clothing of Hui Ethnic Group

As one of the ethnic groups that worship Islam in China, The Hui people's clothes have different styles and features due to the discrepancy in region, gender and sects. As same as today, the Hui pe

Cloak on Head of Jino Women

The shape of shoes that Jino women wearing is strange, which is a chicken-heart-shaped. Covering by a collarless coat with blue, red, yellow and white lattices and with buttons down the front, thes

Charm of The Manchurians

Mostly distributed in Northeast China's Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning Provinces, the Manchu ethnic minority have their own language and letters. They are interesting in singing and dancing from

Chain Suspenders of Yao Nationality

In Guangxi Automonous Region, there is a Yao nationality in Longsheng County. Accroding to its custom, siliver often used as decorative suspenders for kids, which is hand-made by folk artists. Tech

The Fabric of Yunnan Ethnic People

The Dai nationality used dark-red color cloth as wedding quilt (as well because the waist a part of their wedding clothes), for this color symbolizing vigorous child-bearing ability of their nation

Hezhe Bridal Dress of The Fish Skin Tribe

Wedding dress of the Hezhe ethnic minority is unique that you can't find in other places. These dresses are made up of fish skin sewn with hand-twined animal tendons. Although made from primal mate

Breast Adornment of Hani nationality

In Hani nationlity, if a woman will take part in important events, the cloth are decorated with silver enen reached 1,000g. Adopting such main techniques as casting and chisel carving is really adv

The Costumes of Tujia People

Greatly affected by that of the Han people, the costume of Tujia ethnic minority is unique, and now, only in some remote areas, they keep some traditional costumes passed from generation to generat

Head of Hui Ethnic Group

Different from other chiefly head part, costume of the Hui ethnic minority has itself special features. In areas inhabited by the Hui people, it is usually men who wear a round brimless white cap.<

Batik Printing of Miao Nationality

The people of Miao Minority have their own features which developed rich and colorful ethnic culture as well as techniques in folk handicrafts and arts. There are many things they work for, such as

Pleated Skirt of Yao Nationality

Have you ever seen the accordion-pleated skirt of the Yao nationality is popular in Nandan, Guangxi province, which is made of hand-woven cloth dyed into varied shades of blue, folded in pleats and

Headdress of Tibetan Women

Including Xizang Automomous Region, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan and their nearby probvince, you can find the Tibeatn Nationlity is chiefly distributed in these places. As one of the age-old nat

A Panorama of Chinese Garments

Clothes of Chinese ethnic minorities are colorful, extremely sophisticated, and highly distinctive, forming an indiscerptible part of the luxuriant customs and culture of the nationalities. 

The Hairstyle and Headwear of Manchu People

The hairstyle and headwear of Manchu is unique, especially females', which is magnificent, elegant and graceful. Manchu women have always valued hairstyle and headwear. Manchu women prefer fresh fl

Silver Ornaments of the Miao People

The Miao girls fancy silver ornaments, and wherever they live, their dresses, especially their silver jewelries, will become the local highlights and cultural sight. The silver ornament civilizatio

Chic and Creative Headwear of Tu People

The Tu people mainly distributed within the east of Qinghai Province and a few components of Gansu Province of China. At first, they were engaged in animal husbandry, and later began to develop agr

The Costume of Tujia People

The costume of Tujia ethnic minority is greatly stricken by that of the Han people. They keep some ancient costumes solely in some remote areas.

For instance, men wear a brief shirt with qu

silver ornament of Miao ethnic group

The civilization of silver ornament of Miao ethnic group has been handed down in the long history, and become ever more colorful today. The Miao women fancy silver ornaments, and their silver jewel

The hairstyle and headwear of Manchu

The hairstyle and headwear of Manchu is unique, especially females', which is magnificent, elegant and graceful. Manchu women have always valued hairstyle and headwear. Manchu women prefer fresh fl