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Comparison of Lanes in West Countries and China


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Architectural form and the urban form, to some extent, greatly reflect the influnce of cultural characteristics which is determined by the locals. Because of the existing differences in environment, climate and geographical conditions, the locals form different lifestyles, thinking styles and codes of conduct, all of which would have find the reflections on the architectural forms, now, I would like to share some pictures of differences lying between China lanes and those in western countries.

1.A lane in America

2.A lane in Britain

3.A lane in Germany

4.An old lane in France

Champs Elysees´╝îFrance

5.A lane in Portugal

6.A lane in Switzerland

7.A lane in Spain

8.Waterway in Venice

9.An ancient Beijing Hutong

10.The Central Street in Harbin

11.The lane right before the Potala Palace

12.A lane in Shanghai

13.A lane in Xiamen