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Crash of 2 Trains in Wenzhou China


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At least 35 people died and 210 were injured on the accident happened on Saturday night in a train accident on a high-speed line in coastal China. It was the most serious blow yet to the country's beleaguered rail-modernization program.

Wenzhou was in bad weather that night. The accident occurred when a train running near Wenzhou lost power after it was struck by lightning, according to the official Xinhua news agency. Signals apparently also malfunctioned, causing another train to rear-end the stationary train. Six cars derailed. It was showed by photographs and television news reports that at least two of the cars were thrown off a bridge 50 feet above the ground.

There are some voices come out that "Taking a fast train is meant to be safe and fast; who would have thought that now it is only fast?" one posting said. Another added, "It’s more dangerous to run on the ground than fly in the sky." It is indeed essential for the government and enterprises to pay more attention on both speed and safty. It will definitely make the public doubt the construction quality of the train as well as the path, it will certainly do great harm to China's economy and China tour income from railways.

After the accident, rescue immediately began. President Hu Jintao to declare that the rescue work was a national priority. Hundreds of locals stand in a queue waiting for donating blood at midnight. Truely hope that there is no accident like this anymore. Best wishes! May you recovered soon!