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Four Routes for China Tour in Dragon Boat Festival


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In 2011, the Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 6th, almost all the workers, students can get a 3-day holiday according to the formulations worked out by the State Council. What do you plan to do during these days? Compared with staying at home, watching movies, why don't you call several friends and have a Dragon Boat Festival tour?

The first route: From June 4th to June 6th, to have a tour in the mountains of central Zhejiang Province, appraciating bench terrace, sea of clouds, wandering in the quiet villiages.

The second route: From June 4th to June 6th, to enjoy the scenes of fishing village, landing on various islands, visiting Changyu karst cave--one of the United Nations' cultural sites in Taizhou.

The third route: From June 3th to June 6th, if you are free in these four days, you can go to Fujian Province. The theme of this trip can be the srotied building of Fujian and the Gulangyu island. After this relaxed and pleasant trip, you will definitely have the feeling that you are charged again.

The fouth route: It is a comparatively long-time tour, lasting from June 3th to June 10th, lasting for 8 days. This China tour mostly lies in Sichuan Province, where you can appraciate elegant mountains in Sichuan and enjoy the scene of the cluster of Danba watchtower. Walking on the foot of snow mountain, going across various vegetation and camping on the beatiful grassland, moreover, we can experience the custom and culture there.