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Four Treasures of Chinese Tea


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It is well known to all about the "scholar's four jewels", namely, writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and rice paper, while few have a little bit knowledge of the four trassures of tea, Here I'd like to share with you such kind of knowledge:

1.Yushuwei, a kettle which is used for boiling water, usually in reddish brown and the volumn is around 250 ml.

2.Chaoshan stove, applying for boiling water, usually takes charcoal as the fuel, the firepower can be controlled through changing the inflow of wind.

3.Mengchen jar, a teapot for making tea, Mengcheng jar is always carefully selected from Yixing pottery teapots.

3.Ruochenou, namely, cups for tasting tea, usually made of ceramic whiteware