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Geyser Hot Spring and Spas

Hot Springs are gushes of hot water that are found on the land surface, then as the molten materials deep in the earth cool down, the water vapor and carbon dioxide will give off.  Geysers are natural fountains that throw up jets of hot water and steam at regular intervals through a vent in the surface. In China, they are numerous hot spring and Geysers scenic area surrounded by cultural relics and green mountains, such as the Huaqing Hot Spring in Xian, Baotu Spring Park in Jinan etc.

  • Yangpachen Hot Spring

    About eighty seven kilometers (54 miles) away from Lhasa of Tibet and covering a region of forty square kilometers (2,471 acres), Yangpachen gains its fame from the abundant geothermic heat that provides human beings with a lot of mysteries to explore. Though not as famous as alternative scenic spots like the Potala Palace in Tibet, Yangpachen attracts guests for its distinctive resources: hot spr
  • Luhua Hot Spring

    Feature of Luhua Hot Spring   Embeaced by green hills on three sides, and a clear creek running through, Luhua Hot Spring scenic area is rich in gifts given by nature, such as the flying waterfalls, singing creeks and verdant forests. Besides, for the abundant hot spring water resource, the flow rate of hot spring water in Hezhou can reach 120 ton per hour, and the temperature can reach to 60
  • Butterfly Spring

    Butterfly Spring(Hudie Quan), which lies in a park at the foot of Yunlong Peak of Cangshan Mountain, has been famous for centuries because every spring, tens of thousands of butterflies of many species come to here rest mate on the nearby silk trees and drink the flower nectar. The spring has also been decorated, and there is an inscription by Guo Moruo. The site is about 20 kilometers north of th
  • Hua Qing Hot Spring

    Hua Qing Hot Spring, which is located at the northern foot of Mt. Lishan in Lintong County, 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from Xian City, is well known in China for its dainty spring scenery and the romantic love story between the Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) and his concubine Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). However, the original palace here was built by King You during the Western Zhou Dyna
  • Tiger Running Spring

      Tiger Running Spring is at the foot of Hill of Great Compassion, five kilometers away from urban area of Hangzhou. Tiger Running Spring is well known for its unique fountain. After tasting a cup of tea making of the water from the fountain, people of all ages will highly praise the fountain. Poems were composed to panegyrize the fountain Actually, scientific research tells us that Tiger Runnin