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Graduation Photos


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June and July are the graduating seasons in China, no matter in the first-class universities, like Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Zhongshan University, or second-class universities, such as Dalian University, Anhui Agricultural University (my mother university, though in my mind, it is quite a beautiful university, enjoying a history of more than 80 years--much longer than some well-known universities, I have to admit that it is not ranked as one of those best universities in China. Still, I want to say, I love her, thanks for her in these four years, I've learned much in these years and made many friends here), all the students wear academic dresses to take photoes, to draw a full stop to one's university life.

Beijing Film Academy


Beijing University

Renmin University of China

Guangzhou University

Zhongshan University

Heilongjiang University

Dalian University

Well, there are also some interesting poses in graduation photos

Let's enjoy some graduation photos in western countries

University of Michigan

West Point


University of Arizona

Anyway, graduation photo is only a form to help you remember this period of time and call the end of your university life, no matter what poses you take and where you stand to take photos doesn't matter at all, just leave your beatiful smile to your school mates and your mother school, that's enough, agree?