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Historical Sites

The 5,000-year splendid culture gives China numerous historical relics, which is a nice way to get through ancient China's colorful culture and history in all aspects, even the suffering history, such as the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, which is a humiliation of whole Chinese.

  • Yin Xu

    It is well known that Anyang is the capital city of Shang Dynasty. It was not ascertained until 1899, in Xiao Tun Village of Anyang City, Henan Province, villagers have found many tortoise shells and bones carved with letters and symbols, which unveiled to the world Yin Xu. Thus, an ancient city with a long history and splendid culture has attracts many attention. From then on, this place has beco
  • Song Dynasty Town

    Not far away from the West Lake, the Song Dynasty Town is a recreation of a Song Town. The Song Dynasty (1127-1279) moved their capital to Hangzhou in 1229, which is just two years after built. Have you heard that the Song Dynasty was a period of prosperity in China? Marco Polo was believed to have visited China during this time and was amazed to see huge cities of over a million people, vast amou
  • Qiongtai Academy

    Located on Wenzhuang Road, in the Qiongshan District of Haikou City, Qiongtai Academy was originally built in 1705. It was built to commemorate Qiu Jun, a famous scholar from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The reason why the academy was named Qiongtai is that Qiu Jun was called 'Mr. Qiongtai'. At one period, the academy was the supreme institution of Qiongshan. And now, it is the site of the Qiongs
  • Lou Guan Tai

    Located in the southeast of Zhouzhi County, and along the North Zhongnan Mountain Range, Lou Guan Tai Forest Park enjoys the name of 'the Luckiest Place in the World' not only for its historic remains, but also for its beautiful forest landscape. With an area of 27,500 hectares (about 68,000 acres), over fifty sites in Lou Guan Tai Forest Park have been opened to the public. Besides, Lou Guan Tai
  • The Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China

    Located at No.76 Xingye Road, next to Shanghai Xintiandi, the two-story Shikumen (an architectural style with carvings on the stone gate, popular in Shanghai during the 1920s)building was completed in 1920 as the residence of two Communist Party members originally. On July 23, 1921, thirteen members held their first national congress of the Communist Party of China here, marking the birth of the P
  • Heptachord Terrace

    Owing to a famous Chinese legend, Heptachord Terrace, or Guqin Tai is famous for its cultural atmosphere and moving story. Heptachord Terrace is situated in the north of the Hanyang District of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, which is located at the west of Tortoise Hill and on the bank of the Moon Lake. Now, it is prepare for your visit. Now, let us talk about this famous story: Yu Boya, a famous off
  • The Villa of Chairman Mao Zedong

    Located at the scenic bank of East Lake of Wuchang, the famous villa of Chairman Mao Zedong in Wuhan is consisted of Meiling Buildings One, Two and Three. Actually, it was once a retreat house for Chairman Mao and other privileged ruling members of the Politburo. During the period of Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao nicknamed it 'Home of the White Clouds and Yellow Cranes' in a letter. In fact, he
  • Shuyuan Gate

    Located on the eastern side of the South Gate, the 570-meter long and 10-meter wide Shuyuan Gate is a cultural street restored in the style of the ancient architectures of the (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. Shuyuan actually refers to the Guanzhong Shuyuan (central Shaanxi academy, established in the Ming Dynasty), which was one of the leading academies in ancient China and the highes
  • Qujiang Cool Cave Heritage Park

    Located in the southeast part of Xian Qujiang New Area, not far away from Big Wild Goose Pagaoda Scenic Area, Qujiang Cool Cave Heritage Park is the first theme park on wedding ceremony and marriage custom in China. The reason of why choosing this park to be the first theme park on wedding ceremony and marriage custom, there is a romantic love story. It is said during the late Tang Dynasty (618 A
  • Sai Kung Peninsula

    Regarded as the 'LeisureGarden of Hong Kong', the Sai Kung Peninsula is located in the east of New Territories in Hong Kong, Sai Kung is. Sai Kung is the second largest administrative district in Hong Kong with an area of about 12,680 hectares (49 square miles). It is consist of Sai Kung, Hang Hau rural area and Tseung Kwan O. There are many tourist attractions in Sai Kung, such as the Jockey Club