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Konjak Blooming in Beijing Botanical Garden


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On May 31th, 2011, in China map, Beijing, once again, draw tourists's attention for a konjak is blooming in Beijing Botanical Garden.

Konjak is native to Indonesian Sumatra tropical rainforest region, it is widely regarded as the biggest flower in the world, which can live as long as 150 years, however, it can only in blossom twice to three times. Konjak also has a terrifying name, CannibalPlant, but it doesn't swallow human beings actually. It got such a name for its big size for 2-3 meters, and the diameter of the flower can reach 1 meter, when it blooming, it gives out strong stink, like the smell of corpse roting.

First found in Indonesian Sumatra tropical rainforest by an Italian botanist who sent the seeds to botanical gardens in Italy and U.K., leading a new leaf of mass rearing. However, over these 100 years, according to statistics, the Konjak only blooming for 90 times. So every botanical garden feel proud of being able to cultivating blooming Konjak.

Since Konjak is living in tropical rainforest, it has special requirements for humidity and temperature, From the picture above, it is easy to see the Humidifying mist, you can image how  hot inside the garden, and how hard are the workers.