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In China, most street markets, which lined on the either side the roads or pedestrain street, sell crafts and traditional trinkets or cheap clothes, as well as some tourist souvenirs and specialities of this city. Furthermore, these markets is crowded in every hour, as vendors hawking to passersby and buyers hargaining hard.

  • Sha Tin

    As a recreational, shopping, gourmet and cultural center of Hong Kong, Sha Tin is a fast growing new town in New Territories. It is noted for unique local culture, horseracing, intriguing shopping malls and delicious local delicacies.One of the most attracting parts of Hong Kong travel is Horseracing. Sha Tin has the second largest racecourse in Hong Kong, which is located near the Fo Tan Railway
  • Shigatse Gold, Silver and Copper Crafts Factory

    Shigatse Gold, Silver and Copper Crafts Factory located in zhade Road in southern Shigatse City. It mainly produces gold and silver ware including over 100 kinds of images Buddha, ewers, cups, Buddhist pagoda and bowls. Then it is renamed Zhaxi Jicai Gold, Silver and Copper Crafts Factory in 1987.It mainly produces articles of daily use, and processes ethnic ornament, religious use and tourist p
  • Gyangtse Carpet Factory

    Tibetan carpets have become a world-class brand for their excellent practicability and imposing beauty. It is a symbol of China now and brings a large mounts of foreign currency earnings. Together with those of Persia and Turkey, Tibetan carpets are the three most the three most famous carpets in the world. Located in the Shigatse Region of Tibet, Gyangtse wins the highest reputation for the qua
  • Kashgar Bazaar

    Bazaar, means market and trade place in Uygur language, is a uniquely traditional type of trade found in Xinjiang. With a history of over 200 years, the Kashgar bazaar definitely is the biggest international trade market in the northwest region of China.The reason why the bazaar is the biggest is that it has the most abundant goods, the lowest prices, and the most buyers. Besides, recently, it is
  • Chinese Russian Market

    Located near Russia, Harbin has many goods of Russian in all types and qualities imported from Russia. As the best to buy these goods, the best place is definitely the Chinese-Russian Market.Located on Jianshe Street, Nangang District, this Chinese Russian Market offers imported vodka, Russian dolls, chocolate, furs, food products, fossils, petrified wood and other things, as well as  Chinese j
  • International Trade City

    Features:   Situated on the Chouzhou Road of Yiwu Zhejiang Province, Yiwu International Trade City (also called Futian Market) is a modern international specialty market. With an area of 346 acres and over fifteen thousand booths, this market deals with a wide range of merchandise including cultural articles, sporting goods, cosmetics, spectacles, fasteners, zippers, hardware, electronic impl
  • Yangshuo West Street

    Yangshuo West Street Renowned for the ancient and local architectures, Chinese and western style restaurants and coffee bars, various and memorable tourist souvenirs, special and tasty snacks and beautiful night scene with exotic styles, Yangshuo West Street is a truly Foreign Street alongside the one in Dali Old City.It is said that the West Street having the most foreigners visited in China,
  • Lhasa Carpet Factory

    Located at Hebalin to the east of the old city of Lhasa, Lhasa Carpet Factory is one of the remarkable enterprises in Tibet Autonomous Region, mainly producing traditional Tibetan carpets. All the carpets here are hand-made in different sizes, styles, and patterns by hundreds of experienced weavers with old-styled vertical looms. These colorful and elegant carpets can be used as floor covering or
  • Barkhor Street

    Barkhor street, also named as Barghor, is the oldest street in Lhasa. Located in the old area of Lhasa City, Tibet, Barkhor Street is a round street surrounding the Jokhang Temple  and crowded with Tibetan ancient temples, original layout of the residences and hotels. As a symbol of Lhasa, Barkhor Street is a must-see place for the tourists. The street was paved by hand-polished stone boards
  • Flowers and Birds Market

    Kunming is not only a hot tourist city with many beautiful scenic spots, but also a Spring City with numerous kinds of flowers for its year-round mild climate. So, if you have a chance to Kunming, Onlinechinatours highly suggest you take a look of the famous Flowers and Birds Market in Jingxing Street which is the Kunming’s biggest, most attractive shopping market. Since 1983, this market has gr