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Mountains and Hills

It's true that there are thousands mountains scattered in China's vast territory. Huangshan(Yellow Mountain) in Anhui Province is believed to be the most beautiful one, Mountain Tai in Shandong Province is regarded to be the one with the most profound culture of ancient China's. Mount Emei in Sichuan Province is the most elegant one with elaborated temples, gardens. Mountain Hushan near Xian looks like the most steep one only with one scary narrow winding trail to the top. Meanwhile, Lushan is also famous for its spendid waterfalls.


  • The Flower and Fruit Mountain National Forest Park

    Located in the Yiyang County which is 89 kilometers away to the west of Luoyang City, the Flower and Fruit Mountain National Forest Park (Hua Guo Shan) covers an area of 180 square kilometers (about 69 square miles). It spans over 108 hills, and the main peak is 1831.8 meters (about 6010 feet) above the sea level. The percent of the area of forests of the mountain is reach amazing 87.4%, which res
  • Small Qingdao Island

    Located to the southeast of Zhan Bridge, in Qingdao Bay, Small Qingdao Island is a famous attraction of the Qingdao Coastal Scenic Area. It is an wonderful place to enjoy ocean views. Small Qingdao Island was an isolated island once about 720 meters off shore. In the 1940s, a seawall was built, connecting it to the mainland. The island takes the shape of “Qin” which is an ancient Chinese musi
  • Wuzhi Mountain

    The landform of the center of Hainan Island is mountainous with a range extends southwards in contrast to the relatively lower lying northern regions. With an altitude of 1,867m (6,125 feet), Wuzhi Mountain is the highest peak among them, which is located in Wuzhi Shan City. In fact, this mountain is so high that it is 343m (1,125 feet) higher than Mt.Tai, long regarded as the premier peak of Chin
  • Mt. Laoshan

    Facing the Yellow Sea, Mt. Laoshan is situated to the east of Qingdao. The Mt. Laoshan is noted for its remarkable scenery and coastal landscape. It also plays an important role in the development of Taoism. Mt Laoshan is the most famous mountain of all on the coast of China. So it is a must to see when touring in Qingdao. As the most noted mountain on the coast, Mt. Laoshan is welcome among visi
  • Nanjiabawa

    There are several meanings of "Nanjiabawa" in the Tibetan language, and one of them is "the burning thunder and lightning" and another is "the spear that shoots upright to the heaven". The main peak of Nanjiabawa is 7,782 meters in height and famed as "the father of icebergs". The foot of the peak is full of hot springs and exuberant vegetation, which is a perfect resort for both leisure and explo
  • Changbai Mountain

    Changbai Mountain is located in Antu County of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in northeast China, bordering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the south. Being a dormant volcano, Changbai Mountain boasts unique animals, mind-boggling hot springs, extraordinary lakes and forests that stretch to the horizon. It is splendid throughout the year, especially in winter. Changbai Mountain
  • Cuihuashan Mountain National Geo park

    Located in the northern Qinling Mountain of Chang'an district, Xian City, Shaanxi Province, Cuihuashan Mountain National Gep-park is 12.43 miles (20km) from downtown Xian and covers an area of 12.36 square miles (32 square kilometers). It was developed into Shang-Lin Yuan (imperial forest park) and Yu Huayuan (imperial garden) during the Qin (221 to 206 B.C.), Han (206 B.C. to 220 A.D.) and Tang (
  • Taiping National Forest Park

    Known as 'the Jiuzhaigou in the north China', the Taiping National Forest Park is situated in Taiping Valley in Huxian County, 44 kilometers (about 27 miles) southeast from Xi'an City. Taiping Valley is named after the Taiping Palace which was build by an emperor of Sui Dynasty. With a total area of 2,117 hectares (about 5,231 acres), and an average annual temperature ranging between 7 and 10 degr
  • Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

    Located in Meixian County, Baoji City of Shaanxi Province, the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is located at the north foot of Taibai Mountain(the peak of Qinling Mountain). With an area of 7,287 acres, and 94.3% of which is covered with forest, the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park contains 10 scenic districts and over 180 attractions. Besides, the height above the sea level varies from 0
  • Lotus Hill

    As one of the famous hills of the Pearl River Delta, Lotus Hill is one of sightseeings in Guangzhou. It is located in the eastern outskirt of Panyu City, 20km from Guangzhou and 60 sea miles from Hong Kong. Covering an area of 2.54sq km, Lotus Hill is consisted of 48 red sandstone low hills, the highest of which is just 108m in height. It has the best preserved ancient quarry site, with a history